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    Pans, Cutters, Knifes & More

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    World’s first 400mm true desktop 3D Printer

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    The Nano Drone for Beginners is a great introduction to quadcopter flight

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    A 21st Century wireless Charger for Maglite D-Cell

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    The Cellular Tracking Device

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    Titanium Cigarillo/Cigarette Pod

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    The most peculiar cigar tube design

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    Simply a beautiful, highly versatile and unique projection clock

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SHIT-IN-M’TEETH is a credit card-sized mirror and set of Excavation Tools so you can attack food stuck in your teeth without mercy. It’s a Kickstarter venture. There are two quite descriptive videos on the site.


Saber Shaped Key Set

Conquer your doors like Yoda with these amazingly crafted Saber Shaped Key Set coming in four vibrant colors. You’ll get them in KW1/KW10/KW11, SC1 or WR5 key profiles with the keys being no more than 80 mm long. It could… Continue Reading


Couchmaid Organizer by Soffitta

Square armed sofa and couches can be a good place to stock your remotes and magazines when you accessorize them with the Couchmaid Organizer by Soffitta. This slides beautifully over the arm of your couch and becomes a handy access… Continue Reading


EverSense Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Enjoy live streaming of music as well as energy saving tips from the EverSense Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat that comes pre-loaded with two wireless speakers. It has been provided with proximity control technology which can adapt to your preferences depending on… Continue Reading


Back to the Future iPhone Case

You’ve seen this fictional automobile a number of times in the Back to the Future trilogy but now you can have the same as your iPhone case too. Though it might seem ridiculous for some who can’t take an iPhone… Continue Reading


Kids Tent Cabin Canopy Bed

Send your kids on a super cool adventure right from their bedrooms by making their playtimes real fun on this Kids Tent Cabin Canopy Bed. What makes the bed unique is the fact that it can work both as an… Continue Reading


Corvi Concrete Wine Cooler

Store your most precious vintage in a sophisticated way on this slender yet sturdy Corvi Concrete Wine Cooler. According to designer Francisco Corvi, “In Argentina, wine is a symbol of high society. The wine cooler is a piece of me,… Continue Reading


Goccia: The World’s Smallest and Simplest Activity Tracker

Goccia takes activity tracking to the next level. Goccia knows whether you are walking, sleeping, hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, playing golf or tennis. It adapts itself to your current activity! It is the smallest and clearly one of the most… Continue Reading


The Invisible Air Umbrella

This is a real“invisible umbrella”, which takes advantage of the air flow as shelter from the rain. Air is everywhere on the earth. The flowing air can change the moving path of the object. The faster the air moves, the… Continue Reading


Gioia Suspended Table

Enjoy the visual pleasance of a minimal design by getting the brand new Gioia Suspended Table as your very own side table indoors. It’s got a white finish with sleek lines that doesn’t look too over designed from any angle…. Continue Reading