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    Pans, Cutters, Knifes & More

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    World’s first 400mm true desktop 3D Printer

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    The Nano Drone for Beginners is a great introduction to quadcopter flight

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    A 21st Century wireless Charger for Maglite D-Cell

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    The Cellular Tracking Device

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    Titanium Cigarillo/Cigarette Pod

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    The most peculiar cigar tube design

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    Simply a beautiful, highly versatile and unique projection clock

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The EFFIC Mug: Bringing Efficiency and Epicness down to the Customer’s hands. Surrounded by smartness and needs, now is the time the popular Travel Mug to get smarter as well. Besides all the common features of a mug, the EFFIC… Continue Reading


Cubic: Your Personal AI with Personality

Control your devices, apps, and services from anywhere, by simply speaking to your digital friend. With Cubic, you can harness the power of all of your scattered technology from anywhere. You just talk to Cubic, and Cubic gets things done…. Continue Reading


Flow – An Intuitive & Precise Wireless Controller

Flow is a programmable shortcut to your favorite actions. We work on graphic design, video editing or CAD on a daily basis. Keyboard and mouse are great but they are far from giving you the same sensitivity and abilities as… Continue Reading


Mystic Box

A compact and wireless Hi-Fi system for your devices which makes your music sound like never before. Why should you enjoy a music system only when it is turned on? Introducing the Mystic Box, a stylish, compact and energy-efficient music… Continue Reading


iTraq: The Cellular Tracking Device

iTraq the world’s first global location device that can be found anywhere. iTraq determines its position and location in the world using cellular towers. It doesn’t rely on its distance from a phone or its distance from another person’s phone… Continue Reading



ULOCK requires no keys to be used: you can lock and unlock it with just one tap on your smartphone or let it take care of everything for you. It connects with your smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy and… Continue Reading


August Smart Lock

We all look for solutions to keep your homes safe from intruders and the August Smart Lock is one such option you can surely try using. It’s a simple and social way to manage your door lock in a digital… Continue Reading


Wooden Muddler

If mixing herbs and spices in the kitchen is one of your favorite pastimes, these Wooden Muddlers are a must-have. They come in three assorted styles which help in mixing herbs and spices in a unique way. Those tough hours… Continue Reading


Camera Lens Light Up Keychain

It’s a replica of a 14-150mm camera lens and that’s exactly why photographers would love the Camera Lens Light Up Keychain. The interesting fact is that the lens also works as a flashlight. This happens from the simple press of… Continue Reading


Time-It Limited Edition T-Block Watch

A clear red LED is what detects time on the robust and uniquely built Time-It Limited Edition T-Block Watch. It displays time and date in a different way where the LED does the magic of conveying the information in the… Continue Reading