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    Go Away, I Bite Doormat

    Try using the Go Away, I Bite Doormat and see for yourself the puzzled look on your guests face whenever they come to your doorstep. It’s a fun way to keep out intruders and unwanted souls you never want to… Continue Reading


    Giotto Bookcase

    Uplift your indoor decoration to a complete new level by storing your goodreads in the Giotto Bookcase. It is handcrafted from wicker natural wood which is inspired by the perfect circle of Giotto. You get to display your books in… Continue Reading


    Slatewood Lamp Collection

    The color and texture of wood brings life to any surface, product, and room. The Slatewood Lamp, which features two models is made from a range of exotic woods and unique materials, including Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Mahogany, Sapele, Walnut,… Continue Reading


    Charging Stand for Apple Watch

    The apple watch charging stand will ship in 2015. save your spot in line & preorder now for only $5. the first 100 customers will receive a special first edition model. Introducing one of the first products to market to… Continue Reading


    Chair One with Concrete Base by Magis

    Inspired from the design of a soccer ball with the vision being more on creating void than solid, the Chair One with Concrete Base by Magis is both unique and comfortable. The base is made of concrete whereas the seat… Continue Reading


    Somabar: Automated Craft Cocktail Appliance

    Somabar is an automated bartender created for the home or office kitchen. It has the ability to infuse bitters making craft cocktails and is entirely app controlled.


    The Sunn Light: Bring the Sun Indoors

    The Sunn Light is a smart LED light fixture that continuously changes color and brightness in rhythm with the sun. Inspired by the Slow Movement, Sunn automatically mimics what’s going on outside – down to the minute – to help… Continue Reading



    A pack of three laser-cut wooden decorations for your tree. Hand painted in red, navy and powder blue. They say all snowflakes are different, you will get a mix of three patterns in this pack. Makes an ideal gift, also… Continue Reading



    Before the iPhone was here, you didn’t know that you want an iPhone. Same with Tesla. And same with Nest, if we talk about thermostats. Let’s keep it simple: we want to do what Nest did in the US to… Continue Reading


    Vacuum Jug by Stelton

    It’s the incredible stainless steel body and glass liner which makes the Vacuum Jug by Stelton a classic addition you can have for your tabletop. This is an easy-to-use, spill resistant jug which looks pretty neat as a modern design… Continue Reading