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SaltBox by Revolution Design House

Enjoy the magical effectiveness of wooden contours while passing the salt through the dinner table on this SaltBox by Revolution Design House. It merges function with form in a beautiful way with the concave interiors helping in storing the salt… Continue Reading


Sumo Egg Cup

If you’ve truly got that spirit of a sumo wrestler, here’s your chance to start some food fight on the breakfast table with your brand new Sumo Egg Cups. They come in two bright colors of red and black which… Continue Reading


24Pi7 – Hybrid Mechanical Smart Watch With Classic Traditional Look

Introducing the next generation of mechanical watches: the 24PI7 SMART watch. At your convenience, it is an easy-to-read classic mechanical watch, while combining the technologically advanced features of a smart watch. One of the features includes a modern Bluetooth watch…. Continue Reading


Coleman Popcorn Popper

Made of heavy-duty steel with a nonstick coating, the Coleman Popcorn Popper is for those who can’t stop munching popcorn even during camping trips. This popper requires just a few drops of oil and popcorn kernels which when placed over… Continue Reading


AERROX // Playstation & XBOX Design

AERROX presents you the most individual designs for your Playstation & XBOX. High quality colors, designs, logos & texts, crafted by professional designers, make your controller unique. Experience a new way of living your own game style. Beat your opponents… Continue Reading


Birline watches with Harris Tweed straps

As young professionals, we were looking to buy a luxury watch with a clean and classic design at an affordable price – but most watches looked and felt the same. We wanted something different that looked good in our modern… Continue Reading


OXO Tomato And Grape Cutter

Take the hassle out of slicing grapes and tomatoes as you get yourself and your kitchen this OXO Tomato & Grape Cutter. Since it comes with sharp, serrated, stainless steel blades, you can have your tomatoes and grapes quartered in… Continue Reading


Ballerina Duvet by Snurk

To make your little princess at home feel a bit more special this festive season, make sure you bring her this brilliantly designed Ballerina Duvet by Snurk. Coming as a result of the collaboration between Snurk and the Dutch National… Continue Reading


Worlds First DSP Enabled Wireless Headphone

The Headphone Divine takes a huge step forward by combining long experience of mechanical knowledge with the latest sound engineering technologies. It has DSP sound optimization with advanced algorithms by Dirac Research for both frequency response and impulse response. The… Continue Reading


Plastc Card

Plastc helps you pay any way and anywhere you want*. With a magnetic stripe and barcode display, your Plastc Card will work in all the places you already frequent. Plus, with NFC and Chip and PIN capabilities a software update… Continue Reading