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    ASUS ZenWatch

    If you feel you haven’t seen the best of Android Wear as yet, buckle up for the ASUS ZenWatch which is about to step in the limelight. Through the use of a stylish form factor that embraces the use of… Continue Reading


    Nightro Athletic

    Nightro Athletic is the future of activewear. Designed to be worn both day or night to complement your busy lifestyle.


    HoodiePillow Case

    A shut eye during the day is every dreamer’s paradise and this HoodiePillow Case has been exclusively designed to enhance your lounging experience. You may be curled up with a book or trying to figure out your BFF’s activity on… Continue Reading


    Birdie Mirror

    Use the charming effectiveness of the Japanese origami art in your indoor decoration through this unique Birdie Mirror. The sinuous lines of this shelf cum mirror has been designed in the shape of a bird which looks pretty neat and… Continue Reading


    Stir Kinetic Desk M1

    The curvy, sleek sibling of the desk that changed everything. From home offices, to corporate America, to startups, the M1 helps increase your productivity and well being. It can be customized for volume purchases. Commercial furniture dealers across the country… Continue Reading


    The Apex Wallet

    Precision machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, The Apex Wallet is a slim, minimal, wallet featuring our quick-draw thumb-slot and RFID protection – making it the only one of its kind! This wallet was built upon the efficient… Continue Reading



    Introducing The Next Revolution. In Skin Care. The AngelTouch® by La Pierres is the first handheld, state of the art, ultrasonic beauty tool with multi-modulation-technology (MMT) designed to deliver facial spa treatments in the privacy of your home. Our patented… Continue Reading


    Zombie Horse Mask

    Be the scary monster in town and give a tough competition to your fellow mates with this terrifying Zombie Horse Mask. It’s a latex built horse mask with faux fur mane that adds a realistic touch to the whole zombie-like… Continue Reading


    Milk Aquarium

    A few minutes of fishing encounter during tiring work hours can become your everyday pastime if you top your Milk Desk with this amazing Milk Aquarium. It’s an ergonomic, height adjustable desk that reimagines the whole concept of standard work… Continue Reading



    The customizable smart ticker. That shows what’s important to you in real-time. Hackable, stylish, real-time smart display: receive and act on notifications, tasks, workout timers, business metrics, emails, news and more!Stylish form and size designed to fit shop-front, counter, wall… Continue Reading