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Budwrap Earbud Holding Bracelet

Carrying a cord in your everyday travel hours is going to be super easy and hassle free once you have the Budwrap Earbud Holding Bracelet. Serving as a good representation of the thought “Wearing your Wires”, this silicone bracelet enables… Continue Reading


Spigen iPhone 6 Case Bumper

The Spigen iPhone 6 case bumper is a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection. It has a clear hard back panel with a flexible matte edge. There are air cushion technology corners which provides your iPhone 6 with… Continue Reading



To make the most out of your daily drinking habits, the latest piece of technology you could use is Vessyl. This smart cup has been meticulously designed in a way such that it can monitor your hydration needs at the… Continue Reading


Colossal Ice Cube Mold

Having an innovative silicone cap for creating larger cubes, the Colossal Ice Cube Mold can make your drinks icy flavored in amazing shapes. It’s a 2.25″ mold which has a tight seal in order to keep the molds stacked well… Continue Reading


[BRIC+]xtreme Aluminum Case for iPhone 6/6Plus

All New [BRIC+]xtreme™ is the best protective Aluminum bumper case for iPhone 6/6 Plus. With it, your beloved iPhone will be well displayed and protected. NO Bending / NO Crashing / NO Shattering / NO Signal Loss.


Slidestrap Camera Strap

Slidestrap is a cross-body camera strap and mounting plate that allows you to carry your camera securely by your side as you move around, while keeping it free to slide up the strap to eye level when you want to… Continue Reading



This little hardware module connects your 3D printer to our cloud servers. The touchscreen lets you easily check printer status and control prints. Our simple in-browser user interface lets anyone learn to use a 3D printer. We walk users through… Continue Reading


LEGO Lunch Box

Gone are those days when lunch boxes were boring and simple as now there lies a LEGO’fied approach to the same with these LEGO Lunch Boxes. Made out of plastic-polypropylene, they are both PVC free and food safe. The boxes… Continue Reading


JetChill | Twin Probe – Dry Ice Chilled – Smoking Drinks Machine

The world’s first, dry ice chilled, smoking drinks machine. Amaze guests with fantastic theatre that stimulates all five senses. The dry ice will also chill your favourite drink. The machine will work with most alcoholic drinks so be creative and… Continue Reading


Sennheiser RS 220 Headphone

Experience the real joy of a personal home theater without undergoing the wired world of headphones using this Sennheiser RS 220. Thanks to the DSSS technology, these deliver clean audio thus bridging the gap between wired and wireless headphones. Similar… Continue Reading