Hyper Alarm – The Smart Alarm for Heavy Sleepers

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The first smart alarm clock ? for heavy sleepers, connected seamlessly to your smartphone. At Think Big Factory, we love heavy sleepers. That’s why we’ve designed a game-changing alarm clock specifically for you. Hyperalarm will wake you up and get you moving so that you never have to worry about early morning appointments again. So rest easy, heavy sleeper. With the Hyper mode activated, the only way to shut off the alarm is by getting out of bed. That’s right, you have to physically separate the Hyperalarm from your Smartphone ? in order for the bluetooth-based technology to deactivate the alarm. “Five more minutes,” might have worked with your mom, but Hyperalarm doesn’t take excuses. And for those days when getting out of the room to turn off your alarm might be inconvenient, you can turn off the Hyper mode, turning your Hyperalarm into a smart alarm clock.

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