Lepow Poki Portable Battery

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It was created after several years of work by the Lepow Power Innovation Center with professional suggestions from industrial experts. The Lepow S+ technology reaches high standards for safety, smart, strong, and speedy. It provides portable chargers with a high quality and excellent charging experience. With the Lepow S+, the standard of portable chargers has reached a new level. The mint green Poki is a breather from the usual black and white, brick-like designs commonly found. It’s 30% lighter and thinner than batteries of similar capacity. Smooth, curved surface and tapered corners makes it easy to hold. It uses strong, high quality materials to give it this soft look. Abandon the boring! A touch sensor design makes it more fun. Forget the boring, slide across the silver line to show battery life! Complimentary is a no hassle 12 month warranty so you have less troubles.

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