10 devices that help you work smarter, not harder

Being more productive shouldn’t mean working longer hours. These smart work gadgets will help you scythe through your to-do list in record time.

10 devices that help you work smarter, not harder
  • How can gadgets help me at work? Many smart devices can reduce the time you spend on time-wasting chores.
  • What are the best gadgets for remote workers? Have a look at our remote work blogs for inspiration.
  • How long is the optimum work day? Your brain will only go full throttle for around four hours, so use this peak period wisely.

While digital tools can certainly enhance your productivity, it’s also worth thinking about other ways to get things done. From writing out notes to finding files, we waste hours every week on meaningless tasks. Maybe it’s time to work smarter.

Here are a few gadgets that will help you get more done in less time.

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YubiKey authentication key

YubiKey 4 USB Authentication Key

Typing in passwords is an incredible waste of time. This slimline dongle is a physical replacement for passwords and two-factor authentication. While it’s plugged in, you stay logged in. (Price: $40 USD)

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Hello Space hybrid drive

Hello Space Portable Cloud-Stick Hybrid Device

When you work across multiple platforms, it’s easy to forget where you saved an important document. Hello Space is a flash drive that connects to the cloud for extra storage. You can plug the device into any computer to access all your files whenever you need. (Price: $24, pre-order)

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Ellipse smart pen

Moleskin Pen+ Ellipse Smart Pen

Many of us still like writing out notes by hand. As you form words on paper, the Ellipse pen actually creates a digital copy. It’s also good for capturing drawings and diagrams. (Price: $179 USD)

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Pup portable scanner

Pup Connected Pocket Scanner

Another way to capture your ideas is with Pup. This pocket scanner projects a red frame onto your desk using lasers, meaning you can see exactly what you are about to scan. It works on notes, expenses, photos, and more. (Price: $299 USD)

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ScanMarker digital highlighter

ScanMarker Air Digital Highlighter Pen

When you’re reading through a report, ScanMarker lets you save the important sections with a quick swipe. The supplied software then turns your highlights into searchable text in 40 different languages. (Price: $99 USD)

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TimeFlip time tracker

TimeFlip Time-Tracking Device

It’s easy to allow emails and admin to take up precious time. TimeFlip offers an easy way to track the time you spend on various tasks. At the end of the week, you can then check whether you spent your time wisely! (Price: $59.90 USD)

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Memo wristband

Wemo Wearable Memo Band

When you need to jot down a phone number or create a reminder, this wearable memo band offers a stylish solution. It’s like having a whiteboard wrapped around your wrist. (Price: $18 USD)

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Luna wireless display dongle

Luna Wireless iPad 2nd Display Dongle

Being able to work across two screens can be really convenient, and this little dongle turns your iPad into a wireless Mac display. You can even interact with apps on your Mac via the touchscreen. (Price: $69.99 USD)

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PIXO tablet mount

PIXO Magnetic Tablet Mount for Desktops

To help you use your new second screen, PIXO holds your tablet alongside your desktop computer. The magnetic mount holds any tablet between 7.9 and 12.9 inches in portrait or landscape mode. (Price: $35 USD)

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Enter button pillow

Big Enter Button Nap Pillow

This fun desktop device lets you take out your frustrations on the Enter key like never before. Just as importantly, it provides a soft place to rest your head for productivity-enhancing power naps. (Price: $11.99 USD)

Work smarter

Working hard is a virtue, but it shouldn’t take over your life. With these gadgets on your desk, you should be able to leave the office earlier than expected.

What is your favorite work gadget for productivity? Tell us in the comments!

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