14 Everyday carry essentials you need if you live in a city

Do you commute by train? Bus? Car? Bike? On foot? If you’re in a city, any commute is tough and it’s often the hardest part of your day. Doing the same journey five times a week is enough to make anyone want to move out to the ’burbs.

14 Everyday carry essentials you need if you live in a city
Everyday carry for city commuters
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  • How can I improve my daily morning commute? Admit it: your commute is probably the worst part of your day. No matter how much you love your job, the trek in can be infuriating. Then, when it’s time to head home, you have to first climb the mountain of rush hour. Still, commuting by car is much better than the alternatives (although, you could work remotely; we’re hiring!). While there’s little you can do about the traffic, there are plenty of quick ways and gadgets to improve your morning commute.
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Whether you’re in LA, New York, Chicago, Miami, or any other major city, you know all too well how great it can be. From a buzzing nightlife to access to airports to take you all over the world, city living is pretty great. Not to mention, you have countless cuisine options to make it feel like you’re traveling even if you never leave your own block.

And, while city living is desirable for so many, that’s not to say it doesn’t come with downsides. For example, LA puts you right in all the Hollywood action but leaves you wanting in the public transportation department. On the other hand (or coast!), New York City has superb public transportation but is notorious for pickpocketers (not to mention noisy tourists).

Some days you want to soak up all the great things your city has to offer and other days you’d love to live on a private island. No matter which city you’re in, one thing is for certain: your commute is tough. Between traffic, late buses, crowded trains, and overpopulated bike lanes, getting to work often takes you halfway to your daily step goal.

For those of you who brave the city commute: we salute you. It’s not an easy thing to deal with day in and day out, but here you are. If you’re looking to make your commute a bit better (or at least bearable), check out these everyday carry essentials.

Dango Products Tethered Coin Capsule Divided Change Carrier

If the bus you use to commute takes coins, the Coin Capsule is your savior. Compact and efficient, this change carrier actually lets you organize your coins by type. As a result, you always know exactly how much you have on you. Plus, the innovative design allows for quick swiping, so you can get on the bus, pay, and grab one of the few remaining seats. All it takes is the flick of your finger to pull a single coin at a time so you can be on your way. Incredibly, it can hold over $5 in coins, giving you plenty for days’ worth of bus trips.

Mifa X3 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

If you take a look around the subway car, you’ll notice one thing everyone has in common: everyone is wearing some sort of earbuds or headphones. Whether they’re listening to music, a podcast, or simply pretending so no one talks to them, it’s a city commuter staple. The Mifa X3 use Bluetooth to pair quickly and seamlessly to your smartphone, giving you instant access to music. Plus, they come with their own wireless charging case. But, with a six-hour battery life, you probably won’t be dealing with a dead battery on your commute.

Native Union STOW Premium MacBook Sleeve

You could lug around your laptop in all its naked glory, unprotected from the elements. Or, you could bundle it up in total style and have complete peace of mind. The STOW MacBook Sleeve from Native Union does just that. Oozing sophistication with every stitch, it features materials such as leather and canvas. The exterior features a coating which works with the waterproof zipper to offer a water-resistant design. Perfect for commuters, STOW also has a quick-access pocket for your much-needed essentials.

Kindle Built-In Front Light E-Reader

There’s nothing better than a great story line to keep you occupied on a long commute. Rather than carry a bulky book—or worse, choose a book that ends up being boring—why not carry them all? Kindle is well-known for its impressive storage capacity for e-books. With 4GB of storage, this one’s got enough space for multiple books in every genre. Complete with a built-in front light, this sleek e-reader lets you read indoors and outdoors. That means you can continue to read even as your train passes through sunny areas. If all that wasn’t enough, the Kindle is small enough for one-handed use, keeping your other hand free for tending to your balance.

band&roll Kangaroo Leather Smartphone Wallet Case

The grime of a city is totally unavoidable. From subway dust to particles in the air, it’s everywhere. One easy way to keep your smartphone save and sound is to use an effective case. But don’t go for the boring. The band&roll Kangaroo is a stunningly sophisticated wallet case. Every inch is designed to perfection as is visible with the premium materials and high-quality stitching. Featuring wool, every time you slide your smartphone into place, it’ll scrub away dirt, dust, and debris. Plus, you’ll have direct access to your subway card right when you need it so there’s no fumbling through pockets.

mophie Fabric powerstation XL Portable Battery

If you’re reading this from a smartphone, you need a portable battery. But, you shouldn’t settle for just any ordinary battery. The mophie Fabric powerstation XL is the ultimate. The massive 15,000mAh battery will charge your iPhone over and over and over again. With it, you’ll get 55 hours of extra use on your smartphone. Plus, it can charge more than one device at once whether it’s USB-C or USB. Coming in black and gray, this portable battery looks as good as it functions with its beautiful fabric finish.

Chipolo Card Thin Wallet Tracker

The worst thing that can happen on your city commute is misplacing your wallet. From your train ticket to your ID, you’re stuck without it. The Chipolo Card is a superbly thin tracker designed to slip right into your wallet. In fact, it looks just like a credit card, making it inconspicuous in case anyone picks it up. Using the app, you can simply tap to have the tracker emit a 9dB alarm, helping you track it down. If you misplaced your phone, you can use the tracking card to locate it, too. Your smartphone will even emit its alarm if it’s on silent.

Nomad Expedition Lightning Cable

Are you still using the charging cable that came with your iPhone? Is it hanging on by a thread? It’s time to upgrade. The Nomad Expedition is a uses Kevlar fibers to ensure the cable retains its strength no matter how often you use it. Incredibly, it can withstand up to 200 lbs. of force. Measuring a perfect 1.5 meters, the Expedition Cable is also built to endure. It’s been tested to handle 20,000 multidirectional flexes in 150 degree rotations. Armed with a Lightning connector, this cable comes with a five-year warranty. Go on, bring it everywhere.

Native Union STOW Accessory Organizer

Just like its MacBook Sleeve counterpart, the STOW Accessory Organizer is designed with style in mind. It is loaded to the brim with storage and organization, helping you keep your cool while you’re on the go. There’s plenty of space for all your tech gear including your charging cables, adapters, power banks, earbuds, plugs, and anything else you need. Thanks to the coated canvas material, it’s also water resistant to protect whatever you put inside. For more convenience, the front has a handy pocket to stash anything from your passport to your train ticket.

Aquio Water Bottle and Speaker

When you’re on the go, you don’t have the dexterity you’re used to at home or the office. As such, you have both hands and your lap, and that’s about it. Because of this, it’s helpful to combine multiple devices in one. Aquio does what it says on the label: in addition to holding your water, it can also pump your tunes. If you find yourself alone in a subway car or want some music to pump up your walk, this is the device for you. When you’re done hydrating the 16 ounces of water, a few taps gets your music playing. Because it all comes together as a single unit, it’s easy to take Aquio with you everywhere.

Tote-It Shoulder Bag Carrier

There is one downside to city life: carrying groceries on your way home from work. Sure, you could bring that little shopping trolley with you, but that means taking it to the office which is a total pain. Instead, keep the Tote-It stashed in your back. Worn over the shoulder, it’s complete with three hooks on either side to hold your grocery bags. Simply pop it on your shoulder and load up the bag. You’ll barely notice the weight compared to having to hold them all in your hands. And, because it’s nice and slim, you’ll barely notice you’re carrying it until you need it.

James the Holcombe Minimalist Carabiner

Having everything within arm’s reach is crucial for you to enjoy your commute. This also includes having your keys in an accessible spot when your hands are full as you reach your front door. The Holcombe is a minimalist carabiner that’s just as sleek and stylish as you are. Clip one end to your belt loop or your gear so make sure your keys, or any other small accessory, are always within reach. With the option of stainless steel or titanium, it’s strong and durable so you can be sure you won’t lose your keys.

TAGIT Perfect-Folding Umbrella

Getting caught in the rain is never as bad when you have the TAGIT Umbrella. Featuring a perfect folding design, this innovative umbrella folds down quickly and compactly in just seconds. It also features a smartly designed TAGS SMART patch. As a result, the umbrella folds down into the same position every single time, Then, place your hand on the outside and rotate the handle. The umbrella automatically retains its cylindrical shape every single time. With this, you can quickly stash it anywhere. And don’t worry; the exterior has a water repelling finish so it won’t soak your gear.

Gryp Germaphobe Keychain

It takes just a few weeks of city living to become a total germaphobe. We all have our stories; each one more stomach-churning than the last. Because of this, it’s important to carry hand sanitizer. But what would help even more is not touching dirty surfaces. Because that’s unavoidable, carrying the Gryp is your next best bet. It’s a keychain just for germaphobes, offering a barrier between you and all the things you need to touch in the city. From subway turnstiles to the elevator in your office building, Gryp protects you from the city’s grimiest surfaces.

Which one of these do you think you need as a daily commuter? We’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to share your views with us in the comments below.

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