9 Quick ways & gadgets to improve your morning commute

Do you dread the morning rush hour to work, only to realize you have to face it all again on your way home? There’s little you can do about what’s happening outside your car. You can, however, improve what’s going on inside.

9 Quick ways & gadgets to improve your morning commute
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Admit it: your commute is probably the worst part of your day. No matter how much you love your job, the trek in can be infuriating. Then, when it’s time to head home, you have to first climb the mountain of rush hour. Still, commuting by car is much better than the alternatives (although, you could work remotely; we’re hiring!). While there’s little you can do about the traffic, there are plenty of quick ways and gadgets to improve your morning commute.

HUDWAY Drive Portable Head-Up Display

Installing easily into your car, this portable head-up display gives you all the information you need right in your eye line. Complete with a transparent design, HUDWAY Drive gives you seamless navigation without disrupting your view. Even when you glance down, you can still see a full view of the road. Along with navigation, HUDWAY Drive also gives you smartphone notifications on the display so you truly never need to take your eyes off the road.

Drive Reach by weBoost Vehicle Cell Signal Booster Kit

Does your long commute take you to some pretty remote locations? The Drive Reach from weBoost will help you stay connected. It’s a signal booster kit that keeps your phone on a network even in the most remote places. In fact, it provides 29.5 dBm uplink output power. This means that no matter your network speed, you can take and make calls as you need.

Cobra Road Scout Radar Detecting Dash Cam

Even the best drivers in the world tend to go over the speed limit. And, if you’re running late for work, speeding can be even more tempting. The Cobra Road Scout is a radar detecting dash cam that will immediately notify you about cops on the road who are monitoring speed. It tells you about speed cameras as well as redlight cameras so you can make better choices. It’ll also help you create better driving habits. Thanks to the 1080p HD camera, it also records your vehicle day and night.

SNAPBAG Driver-Friendly Car Waste Bin

Those with a long commute are probably well accustomed to eating in the car. The only issue is where all the garbage goes. SNAPBAG is an intuitive and driver-friendly car waste bin that makes it easy to stash garbage. It’s superbly slim yet holds plenty. Sliding onto the back of the passenger’s seat, it’s always within arm’s reach. Plus, the magnetic closure opens easily with just one hand yet secures closed to keep odors in. Simply add in a plastic bin bag liner to make the entire thing leak-proof.

KIMBLADE Revolutionary Windshield Wiper

Inclement weather is inevitable if you drive every day. For your commute, the right wipers can be the difference between being late for work and safe driving. The KIMBLADE is a windshield wiper with a revolutionary design. It has a 4-bar linkage structure with a direct blade that contacts the glass. With this, it wipes instead of rubs. It can clear away raindrops as fast as they fall. And, it has a weather-resistant design to withstand all of your commutes year-round.

Anker Roav Bolt Google Assistant Car Device

While a driving commute is almost always dreadful, the Roav Bolt can make it a little easier. Plugging in to the cigarette lighter in your car, this smart device gives you direct access to Google Assistant. With a simple command, you can have instant turn-by-turn navigation. Or, you can send messages with just your voice. You can even manage your internet radio stations, get the weather, and so much more.

mophie charge stream vent mount Vehicle Phone Holder

We all know that charging cables are the worst and they usually break right when we need them. You know that moment; you plug it in and your phone just doesn’t charge. It’s time to upgrade to the mophie charge stream vent mount. It attaches to the vent and secures your smartphone in place. Plus, it offers seamless wireless charging for any Qi-enabled smartphone. Because it stays by the vent, you can easily glance for notifications and directions without taking your eyes off the road for long.

Portable Car Seat Hook Organizer

Although totally analog, this gadget will change your life. The Car Seat Hook Organizer secures on to the headrest of your seat and provides you with a convenient and sturdy hook. It can hold your purse or bag right where you need it so you can access it while driving. Or, it can keep your suit coat free from wrinkles on your commute. It’s a cinch to install and has a universal design to work with virtually any headrest.

BackShield Seated Spinal Support

Your commute is agonizing enough without adding back pain into the mix. The BackShield is a special seat that provides spinal support while you drive. Working with most seats, it has an ergonomic support design that is sturdy yet cushioned. It supports the natural curve of your back so you can retain ideal posture no matter how long your commute is. Plus, you can also use it at your desk chair once you arrive at the office.

Which one of these would you try using for your daily commutes? Share with us in the comments below.

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