8 Everyday carry gadgets you never knew you needed

We carry so many things with us when we are on the go. It could be a wallet or a water bottle, but have you considered switching to smarter versions of these? This list of everyday carry gadgets that we have today will not just make your life easier on the go but also help you stay protected no matter where you are.

8 Everyday carry gadgets you never knew you needed
Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD in Gray

Gone are those days when everyday carry gadgets were just related to organizers and laptop bags. Today the scenario is different, and we have so many solutions to make our daily life on the go as easy as can be. So, whether it’s about carrying your SSD or protecting yourself, we’ve got gadgets to have you covered no matter where you are.

We decided to look at some of our latest everyday carry gear and figure out unique solutions that you can actually use. From Bluetooth finders to pocket-sized umbrella, this list has a bunch of some real cool things you probably never knew you needed.

Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD

Featuring a built-in fingerprint scanner, this portable SSD stays locked until you open it. So it eliminates your worries about work falling into the wrong hands. While you’re at that meeting a block away, hitting the gym, or on a supermarket run, you can be certain that your data is protected, even if the card gets lost. Additionally, the Samsung T7 Touch includes password protection and AES 256-bit encryption. Weightwise, the SSD is light at just 58 grams, and it can store up to two terabytes of data. 

Senz° Micro Pocket-Sized Umbrella

This small umbrella may be tiny, but it has an aerodynamic design. Because of this, it blocks winds up to 70 kilometers per hour. So this compact umbrella will block strong winds from blowing important documents out of your arms. Available in timeless colors such as velvet green and silk grey, this portable umbrella weighs just 196 grams or less than half a pound. The high-density fabric Senz° uses on this pocket umbrella blocks strong rains as well as protects against harmful UV rays. 


Forkanife Compact Cutlery Set

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and be a bit more eco-friendly, the Forkanife Compact Cutlery Set should be on your list. This stainless steel fork and knife set folds up and fits in your wallet. So you always have it on the go. Even when you’re traveling, since it’s TSA compliant. What’s even better, is that it’s made from 50% or more of recycled materials. It’s easy to clean, which makes it even more convenient. No one wants to carry dirty utensils around in their pocket, purse, or wallet. Whether you need a gift to give or want to improve your environmental consciousness, this compact cutlery set offers a great place to start.

Keebos Crossbody Phone Case

No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we want our phones on us at all times. But we don’t always want to bring a bag with us. And keeping your phone in your back pocket puts you at risk of dropping it if you bend over. The Keebos Crossbody Phone Case lets you wear your phone like a necklace, allowing you to be hands-free and solving your phone-carrying problems. Plus, if you’re wearing your phone, you don’t need to stress about setting it down and losing it. The necklace phone case will fit your iPhone or your Samsung Galaxy. 

Rollova Digital Rolling Ruler

This incredible ruler can measure a wide range of surfaces, objects, and materials with a single motion. By simply rolling the device, ROLLOVA gives you an extremely accurate measurement right on the screen. You can finally take the guesswork and confusing calculations out of measuring everything from flat surfaces to curved objects and more. The Rollova is also compatible with major units of length. Additionally, the digital OLED screen has a high-contrast ratio, offering brighter display and greater energy efficiency. Tucked behind a stainless steel plate, the display is as stunning as it is informative. With its minimalist design, this convenient measuring tool replaces your traditional ruler and fits comfortably in your pocket. 

The COP by Tracer Security Covert Pepper Spray 

Unlike other carriers, this case doesn’t announce that it’s pepper spray. Additionally, you can hold it like a clutch, or you can clip it to your purse for easy access. This carry method will allow you to carry your pepper spray discreetly with your finger on the activation button. A one-second burst of 11 grams of spray is the same as the entire contents of the average pepper spray carrier. A surprise, heavy burst of spray is the best way to get the spray into your opponent’s eyes and airways. The cartridge contains 1.5 ounces of pepper spray. Combining a heavy volume of spray with intense pressure will ensure maximum effect.

Cube PRO Bluetooth Finder

If you have a tendency to misplace your keys, for example, this tracking device ensures you can always find them. Hook it on keyrings, lanyards, straps, and more to keep tabs on all your important belongings. With a 200-foot Bluetooth range, the Cube PRO helps you find pretty much anything wherever you are. Simply press the button to locate it on your smartphone app. When you do, its 101-decibel alarm will sound, drawing you to its location. What’s more, you can even reverse-locate your smartphone if that’s what you’ve misplaced. 

Embr Wave Wearable Personal Thermostat

This wearable helps you warm-up or cool down, making you feel more comfortable in any situation. Simply press a button, and Embr Wave will instantly provide you with thermal relief. It directly cools or warms the temperature-sensitive part of your wrist for efficient and immediate effects. In addition, cooling or warming a single spot can increase your comfort level without adjusting your core temperature. Just click the left side to activate a cooling session, which feels like cold water on your arm. Likewise, click the right side of this wrist thermostat to feel the warming sensation of being by a cozy fire. 

UVENA RFID-Blocking Card

With the UVENA RFID-Blocking Card, you can stay protected. While having a contactless card is extremely convenient, it’s also convenient for those looking to steal your information. Unlike an entire RFID-blocking wallet, this super slim card fits into any wallet or card holder you want to carry. In fact, it even looks just like a credit card so it fits in seamlessly. But don’t let its slim design fool you. UVENA is powerful enough to absorb RFID signals in a 2.5-centimeter radius. Featuring a smart microchip and an antenna, UVENA senses and detects these signals in order to stop them. 


Which one of these everyday gadgets would you like to add to your daily life? Share with us in the comments below.

Madhurima Nag is the Head of Content at Gadget Flow. She side-hustles as a parenting and STEM influencer and loves to voice her opinion on product marketing, innovation and gadgets (of course!) in general.
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