The 360 S10 robot vacuum cleaner has eyes to detect poop thanks to triple-eye LiDARs

Meet the 360 S10: it's a robot vacuum with DToF detection, 3D mapping, an ultra-thin design, auto carpet detection, and more. Packed with intelligent sensors and obstacle detection, this smart gadget cleans your floors so you don't have to. Explore more in today's blog.

The 360 S10 robot vacuum cleaner has eyes to detect poop thanks to triple-eye LiDARs
360 S10 robot vacuum cleaner in use

Robot vacuums are an excellent invention for keeping your home’s floor clean and dust-free while you kick back and relax. But these cleaning gadgets don’t always create a floor haven. If you have a baby or a puppy, you’re accustomed to them using your floor as a potty from time to time. Mix this with a robot vacuum and you could have a disaster wiped throughout your entire home. Fortunately, the 360 S10 robot vacuum cleaner features a laser that focuses on long-distance objects and can detect items from 6–8 meters ahead. So, if an accident should happen, the 360 S10 can avoid such mishaps.

360 S10 robot vacuum cleaner’s features outlined in a video

Triple-eye LiDARs for a cleaner home

Designed with triple-eye LiDAR sensors, this robot vacuum cleaner 3D scans your home and can detect objects as slim as .04 inches. These three sensors remove blind spots from your home, so everywhere will be dust- and dirt-free. Additionally, the vacuum won’t bump into walls. With this data, it’ll then decide in real-time to steer clear or suck up the object. Therefore, you’ll receive a thorough clean without any nasty surprises.

Furthermore, the 360 S10 features multifloor mapping, so it can learn your home’s layout within seconds. It’ll then optimize the most effective and efficient cleaning route. With the addition of a 520 ml intelligent water tank, it can even mop hard surfaces. Meanwhile, the powerful suction action can handle any type of mess inside of your home.

Meanwhile, multifloor mapping means the 360 S10 can learn the layout of your home in seconds and optimize the most effective cleaning route. And, with a 520ml intelligent water tank for mopping hard surfaces, powerful suction capabilities, and a slim 3.35-inch body, the S10 can handle whatever mess your home throws at it.

Smart obstacle detection for easy navigation

The 360 S10’s Front LiDAR sensor can detect over 100 different objects taller than 0.4 inches in your home and avoid them. So this means this robot vacuum can navigate around a forgotten magazine, litter box, handbags on the floor, as well as furniture. So you needn’t tidy up before the cleanup. Furthermore, this cleaning gadget can handle areas with balconies or sliding back doors, where other cleaners might get overwhelmed.

Overall, the 360 S10 robot vacuum cleaner is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for a reduced price of $519. Are you a fan of robot cleaners? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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