5 Smart wallets you can never lose

Everything from our phones to our thermostats have become smarter - it’s time your wallet joined in, too. These smart wallets have GPS, location tracking, or Bluetooth connectivity so you’ll never leave them behind.

5 Smart wallets you can never lose
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Wallets have been around since the 1600s with the introduction of paper currency. Since then, it seems like humans have been on an endless quest to create the best wallet. From leather to Velcro to ultra slim to carbon fiber, the average wallet is a thing of beauty.

Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to lose a leather wallet as it is to lose a carbon fiber wallet.

Add some intelligence to your everyday carry but using a smart wallet. Featuring the latest technology, these clever wallets keep tabs on the whereabouts of your cash and cards so you can never lose them.

Wallor 2.0 Real-time Global GPS Smart Wallets

No matter where you go, this wallet is trackable at any point in time and and anywhere in the world. In addition, the Wallor 2.0 wallets work seamlessly with your smartphone and also in reverse. If you misplace your phone, you can use the wallet to call it. And, as a plus, the wallets have a built-in power bank to keep you going on the go.

Wallor 2.0 Real-time Global GPS Smart Wallets - 5 Smart wallets you can never lose

The trackable Wallor 2.0 also comes with a power bank

Ekster 3.0 Voice-Activated Smart Wallet

Along with the usual tracking features, the Ekster wallet is also trackable by Alexa and Google Home. At less than half an inch thick, these smart wallets feature an even thinner solar-powered tracker inside so you never misplace it again. This incredibly slim tracker only requires three hours of sunlight to last two months and allows you to track your wallet on a map.

Fuze Card Smart Wallet Card

As a unique take on a wallet, this card actually stores all of your cards in one. There’s a display screen where you can view the cards and use the buttons below to make your selection. In addition, the Fuze Card offers location tracking so you’ll always know where it is. If you do lose it, you can effortlessly and easily wipe all of the data remotely. That way, your data will stay safe no matter what happens to your smart wallet card.

Fuze Card Smart Wallet Card - 5 Smart wallets you can never lose

You can easily wipe the data of this trackable smart wallet card if you lose it

Volterman Lightweight Smart Wallet

Along with the beautiful design, this smart wallet send you an instant alert if you leave your wallet behind. It connects to the app on your smartphone to determine when to activate the built-in distance alarm. Likewise, the wallet works in reverse to also alert you if you leave your phone behind. The Volterman Wallet features worldwide GPS tracking so you can truly never lose it.

ICYMI: Listen to our podcast with Narek Vardanyan, founder of the Crowdfunding Formula and Volterman wallet that raised $2,000,000 on Indiegogo.

Nomad Tile Slim Tracking Wallet

This handy wallet carries up to 12 cards while the secret sleeve also hides a Tile Slim. Using advanced crowdsource location and Bluetooth technology, the integrated Tile Slim makes it easy to keep track of your wallet. Just use the Tile app to find out your wallet’s exact location whenever you need. The concealed design makes it easy for you to hide the tracker and, since it’s detachable, you can easily use the Tile for tracking other devices whenever necessary.

Nomad Tile Slim Tracking Wallet - 5 Smart wallets you can never lose

It comes with a removable Tile Slim tracker

Do you already own a smart wallet? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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