How everyday carry gadgets can improve your day

Everyday carry gadgets are becoming increasingly popular. From compact tools to durable wallets, here’s a look at how a few key items can transform your day for the better.

How everyday carry gadgets can improve your day
  • Everyday carry items are getting smaller and smaller. The new Puna multi-tool by 3 COIL looks like a palm-sized Uzi.
  • Last year, fidget spinners became an essential carry for many people. The story behind the trend is quite fascinating.
  • Some people are true EDC enthusiasts. This subreddit allows you to share and compare your gadgets with other devotees.

The term “everyday carry” was coined in the outdoor community. Tools that were classed as essential for survival were put in the EDC bracket. In more recent times, however, the definition has widened. You can now describe any gadget as an EDC, so long as it’s an essential part of your day. While adventurers might need pocket knives and fire starters, a city dweller would put their wallet in the same category.

In fact, there really is an EDC gadget for every lifestyle. To help you find your perfect pocket partner, we’ve come up with some EDC lifestyle categories.

everyday carry 10

The desk jockey

So, you work in an office. You probably drive along congested roads in order to spend the next eight hours behind a desk. Jobs like these can be very rewarding, but you may wish your environment was a little more engaging.

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Hence, the best EDC gadgets for desk jockeys will either stimulate your senses or help you escape.

Your perfect EDCs:

everyday carry 05

The digital nomad

As someone who spends life on the road, you have the opposite problem to the desk jockeys. If anything, your environment is a little too rough and ready at times.

everyday carry 04

In order to sustain this nomadic lifestyle, you need a few essential accessories.

Your perfect EDCs:

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The fitness freak

If you’re going to get hooked on any substance, you might as well get addicted to endorphins. As a fitness freak, you know how good it feels when those happy thoughts flood your brain after every workout.

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Of course, that doesn’t necessarily help you before each training session. These EDC gadgets should provide a little extra motivation.

Your perfect EDCs:

The DIY enthusiast

If something needs fixing, you are always the first person to respond. Not everyone has a gift for DIY, but you certainly do. From tightening a loose bolt to building a garage, you can turn your hand to any task.

everyday carry 02

The everyday carry items you need are tools — ideally ones that can do many things.

Your perfect EDCs:

The outdoor explorer

As someone who prefers roaming the hills over walking the streets, you love the ever-changing landscape. The wind may blow and the rain may fall, but you’re hardy enough to endure the bad weather.

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But that’s not to say you like being uncomfortable. Packing a few EDC essentials can make life much easier when you need to hunker down.

Your perfect EDCs:

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Everyday carry roundup

This post has hopefully given you a few ideas about what EDC gadgets can do. Feel free to ignore our stereotypes and mix it up!

Have we missed your favorite everyday carry? Tell us in the comments!

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