This innovative ruler makes it easy to measure anything

You measure that last, tiny bit of fabric for a prototype ballet costume applique. You want to know how much material you’ll need for twenty more tutus. But the applique’s curves are intricate, and your tape measurer can’t wrap around all of its edges. Time to estimate again. Or is it? Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could take the guesswork out of your sewing or carpentry measurements? Something that could tell you exactly how much material you need instead of just an estimate?

This innovative ruler makes it easy to measure anything
Rollova Digital Ruler in Use

Now there is with the ROLLOVA, the digital rolling ruler. An innovative ruler that rolls across any object, material, or surface, the ROLLOVA will let you measure every curvature and awkward surface easily and quickly. So no more anxiety about over or under-ordering a material. With this device,  you know exactly how much of everything you need. It’s time to shelve your conventional ruler and flimsy tape ruler. The ROLLOVA will help you measure any surface, better. It’s also a stylish, portable work accessory.

How does the ROLLOVA work?

The ROLLOVA brings measuring accuracy to your fingertips. It’s a digital ruler that relies on ultra-steady technology to measure surfaces while you roll the device. This results in exceptionally accurate results that will help you get your project done right the first time. In today’s fast-paced world with expectations that rise higher every day, the ROLLOVA will give you confidence that your work is up to par.

A rolling ruler that’s easy to use

Although what it does sounds complicated, this digital rolling ruler is easy and intuitive to use. Just press and hold the button on the back of the device and roll the ROLLOVA across the surface you want to measure. While you roll, the ROLLOVA will create and save spot-on measurements. So no more struggling with a wobbly aluminum tape measure when you measure that window sill.

For home use, you won’t have to ask the kids or your spouse to help you hold a tape measurer steady while you measure for curtains. The ROLLOVA lets you measure across any surface or material with one hand. What’s more, unlike an aluminum tape ruler, the ROLLOVA won’t snap a finger if you retract it too quickly. That’s because, with this digital rolling ruler, there’s nothing to retract.

Rollova Digital Rolling Ruler

ROLLOVA Digital Rolling Ruler on a Desk

Measure radii or diameters easily

Can’t quite remember that formula for calculating a radius from geometry class?  No worries. The ROLLOVA can tackle radii and diameters. Just click the wheel once to measure a radius and twice to add a diameter. Three clicks bring the ruler back to normal mode. It’s never been faster to find the diameter of that porcelain cup you’re making or the coffee table you’re constructing.

ROLLOVA Digital Rolling Ruler

Rollova Digital Rolling Ruler on a Table

The ROLLOVA measures in any unit

Need to measure your product in centimeters for that shipment to Europe? This digital rolling ruler makes switching between metric and imperial units easy. Double-press the main button on the back of the device to access the settings, then rotate the wheel to select inches (in fraction or decimal modes) and centimeters. So you’ll be able to provide accurate measurements for any customer, no matter where in the world they live. You also won’t have to stop your workflow to convert to dimensions you don’t understand. With this rolling ruler, you’ll have a device in your hand, ready to make the change when you press the button.

ROLLOVA Digital Rolling Ruler

ROLLOVA Digital Rolling Ruler in a Case

A digital ruler that saves your past measurements

How long was that table you measured yesterday? With the ROLLOVA, you can access dimensions you previously measured quickly and easily. Just click the main button twice, access settings, and roll the wheel to find your stored measurement. The device can hold up to 99 saved measurements. So you won’t have to flip through scribbled notes or search your smartphone for those numbers you recorded yesterday or even last week. The ROLLOVA will save your measuring work.

ROLLOVA Digital Rolling Ruler

ROLLOVA Digital Rolling Ruler in a Pocket

Travel anywhere with the ROLLOVA

This digital rolling ruler fits easily in your pocket or work bag so you can take it with you anywhere. Made of stainless steel and featuring a modern, minimalistic design the ROLLOVA is the ultimate gadget for creative professionals and hobbyists. You’ll impress clients and feel cool bringing this digital ruler to your next on-site project. The ROLLOVA also comes in a sleek leather case that protects it from dust and scratches. It also looks professional.

Get fancy with the 18K edition

Do you like your work gadgets to be on the fancier side? It makes sense to use high-quality tools when you’re working with high-profile clients or others you want to impress. The limited-edition, 18K gold-plated edition of ROLLOVA gives this to you. It features a sleek design and function. A sophisticated version of the regular ROLLOVA, the 18K edition makes the perfect gift for the artistic professional. It’s a work accessory anyone would be proud to use every day.

Rollova Digital Rolling Ruler

ROLLOVA Digital Rolling Ruler 18K edition

What we love about the ROLLOVA

We love that this digital rolling ruler has a wheel design that lets people measure curved and other complicated shapes quickly and accurately. It takes the stress out of measuring and allows professionals and hobbyists to focus on the most enjoyable part of their work, the creative side.

Rollova Digital Rolling Ruler

ROLLOVA Digital Rolling Ruler Schematics

What we would love to see

For the moment, the ROLLOVA can measure objects up to 99.99 inches or 8.33 feet, which is a respectable size. But since it’s a digital ruler, you have to wonder what’s stopping the device from measuring length of any size? Also, the device can save up to 99 measurements, which is, again, more than decent. But why not go all the way and save 100 or more measurements?

Where can you buy the ROLLOVA?

You can buy the ROLLOVA on the company website for $79 (currently available at a discount with $10 off). The official retail price is $89.

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