All the best Cyber Monday deals we could find

Did you miss out on Black Friday? Did you sleep your way through after eating too much turkey? That's totally okay because Cyber Monday is here to bring you fantastic online deals no matter your budget or the recipient.

All the best Cyber Monday deals we could find
All the best Cyber Monday deals we could find

While many people may think of Black Friday as the ultimate day for sales, those who shop online know that Cyber Monday comes in a very close second (or even first!).

Because it’s all online, deals can appear and disappear in an instant. While you will have to wait for your order to be delivered, the Monday-after-Thanksgiving ordering date leaves plenty of time to get the gifts and wrap them perfectly.

Some deals are on a time crunch while others will remain all day. There’s only one thing for sure: these are the best Cyber Monday deals you’re going to find on all the best gadgets and gear.

Miko 2 Advanced AI Kids Robot (50% off)

Conversation is proven to help us all learn and especially children. With Moki 2, kids can speak, listen, and learn all while conversing with the clever robot. Using the power of AI and facial and voice recognition, Moki 2 is designed to educate, engage, and entertain kids of all ages. In fact, this robot grows with your child so they can continue to learn.

OnePlus 7T Narrow-Display Smartphone ($150 off)

If anyone on your list (including yourself!) is team Android, the OnePlut 7T is an impressive smartphone. It’s complete with Android 10 and a stunning 6.55-inch OLED display. At just a third of an inch thick, it sports a triple camera design on the back. It’s slim, it’s sleek, and it’s on sale for $150 off.

OnePlus 7T Narrow-Display Smartphone with Android 10

OnePlus 7T Narrow-Display Smartphone with Android 10

MagicMount™ Charge3 Vent Wireless Magnetic Mount (35% off sitewide with code: GF35)

The MagicMount™ Charge3 Vent isn’t your average car mount. It actually has a FreeFlow Base, meaning the air from the car vent can still get through. This smart design pairs with the equally smart FreeFlow Arm so you can position your smartphone exactly as you need. With wireless charging, it offers a truly seamless experience.

BioLite CampStove 2 Electricity-Generating Wood Burner ($25.99 off)

Anyone who loves to go camping will know the struggle of staying charged. While having a power bank is handy, it usually won’t outlast your trip. Instead, the BioLite CampStove 2 gets its power through burning wood. So, as you’re toasting up some marshmallows, the internal technology is converting it into power for your USB-charging devices.

Anker PowerPort Cube Power Strip (31% off)

For those who aren’t a fan of camping but still need plenty of power, the Anker PowerPort Cube should do. This compact yet fully capable device is complete with three AC outlets as well as three USB ports. Featuring a five-foot power cable, it brings the power to you wherever you are. Or, you can mount it wherever you need for those short-cabled devices.

Belkin Powerhouse Apple Charge Dock (20% off)

With the Belkin Powerhouse Apple Charge Dock, you can keep your device on display as it charges. And not just one device, but two devices at the same time. This charging stand has a dock for your iPhone as well as an extending arm to wirelessly charge your Apple Watch. Compatible with all Apple Watch models, it also works with any iPhone with a Lightning port to keep charging simple and easy.

Belkin Powerhouse Apple Charge Dock

Belkin Powerhouse Apple Charge Dock in White with a Black Surface

DJI Osmo Pocket Compact Smart Camera ($90 off)

Who doesn’t love a compact gadget that can work wonders? The DJI Osmo Pocket packs a punch despite its compact design. As the name suggests, this smart camera can fit inside your pocket. It’s armed with a handle for effortlessly steady footage and a small display so you can see the action as you capture it.

Amazon Echo Show 8 HD Smart Screen (23% off)

Having the right resources can transform anyone into a kitchen whiz. The Amazon Echo Show 8 features an 8-inch HD touchscreen display that is made for kitchens. Users can add to their grocery list, follow a recipe, stay entertained while cooking, and so much more. It even doubles as a video calling device for friends and family afar. This all comes with the cleverness of Alexa to answer any question.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Alexa Streaming Box (25% off)

If you’re ready to cut the cable and go digital, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is the streaming solution of anyone’s dreams. It’s an Alexa streaming box that gives you access to incredible content. But more than that, this system also lets you control your smart devices with just your voice thanks to Alexa. And with Local Voice Control, it completes actions even faster.

Jabra Elite 85h Adaptive Audio Headphones ($50 off)

For audiophiles, it’s tough to beat the Jabra Elite 85h Adaptive Audio Headphones. This set of cans uses SmartSound technology to automatically detect and counteract the distracting noises of the world around you. Instead, all you get is premium audio delivered right to your ears. Not to mention, with 32 hours of playtime, they’ll outlast an entire week of commuting.

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera (22% off)

While much of our world is digital and all about the likes, having physical prints of photos brings them to life. With Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera, you get the best of both worlds. This digital camera provides instant prints. It’s a 10-megapixel camera that features a self-timer as well as six modes and filters. All of the magic comes out on compact and shareable (IRL) 2×3-inch photo paper.

Bose SoundTouch 30 Powerful Wireless Speaker ($200 off)

When it comes to audio, Bose delivers (and over-delivers). The SoundTouch 30 is no different. Not only is this wireless speaker powerful, but it’s also versatile. You can stream from the cloud, your device, Wi-Fi, and even music-specific apps. It’s all available at the touch of a button as it brings audio to every corner of the room.

Garmin Forerunner 945 Advanced GPS Training Watch ($100 off)

Even those into exercise still love tech which is why the Garmin Forerunner 945 Advanced GPS Training Watch makes a perfect gift. It’s great for all intensity levels, though it’s made for serious athletes. It analyzes your heart rate yet has storage for up to 1,000 songs to keep you pumped up while you work out.

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch ($50 off)

Have someone on your list who isn’t a fitness fanatic? They’ll love the Fitbit Versa 2. It’s a health and fitness watch that integrates with their device so they’ll never miss a notification. It also has Alexa. With a simple request, the voice assistant can relay information from the calendar or just about anything else. With fitness tracking and GPS, it’s the perfect workout companion, too.

Ember Mug 2 Temperature-Controlled Cup (10% off)

Give the gift of never-ending hot coffee with the Ember Mug 2. With full control over temperature, this mug can maintain a hot drink for up to 1.5 hours. That’s plenty of time for anyone to guzzle down their java before a big meeting no matter how busy they may be. It’s all managed in the app, making it a tech-lover’s dream.

Quick Start Grill Automatically Lighting Charcoal BBQ ($69 off & free shipping)

You’ve never seen a grill quite like this one. Exceptionally convenient, the Quick Start Grill can reach a whopping 950°F in only four minutes. This means it ignites charcoal even faster and more efficiently uses the briquettes. Did we mention it’s totally compact, meaning you can take it to the beach, raves, camping, and everywhere in between?

Foreo LUNA 2 Facial Spa Massager (25% off)

While providing a facial every week might not be in the budget, the Foreo LUNA 2 Facial Spa Massager certainly is. In just two minutes, it can remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil. It also exfoliates dead skin cells and frees up clogged pores. You may want to grab two so you can keep one for yourself.

Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC Portable Power Bank ($60 off)

Large battery? Check. Plenty of ports? Check. Compact size? Check. The Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC Portable Power Bank truly has it all (and then some). On the side is an AC port as well as USB. But it also lets you wirelessly charge your device, making it perfect for everything from a road trip to a weekend in the woods.

Insta360 ONE X Stabilizing Action Camera (15% off)

Insta360 is already synonymous with incredible captures. With the ONE X, your footage just got even better. Automatically stabilizing, this action camera achieves stunning 5.7K footage. And it does it even when it’s facing high winds like attached to a helmet and jumping out of an airplane. If you’re looking for even more stability, it works seamlessly with the Invisible Selfie Stick.

Jamstik 7 Portable Smart Guitar ($20 off)

Whether you have a musician on your list or someone who’s looking to learn, the Jamstik 7 is a fantastic device. It’s a portable smart guitar that can truly go and play anywhere. And, it’s also a fully compatible MIDI controller. It connects to devices and syncs with apps like GarageBand so you can create whenever inspiration strikes.

Jaybird X4 Wireless Sport Headphones ($60 off)

For those who love to be active, Jaybird X4 Wireless Sport Headphones are earbuds that can keep up. Offering a snug fit in the ears, the earbuds are wired together, ensuring you won’t lose one. Though, that’s unlikely considering the ear tips and wings that nestle into your ear. Another handy feature of the cable is that it features a built-in remote for adjusting volume and changing tracks.

JBL Link Music Wi-Fi Speaker (50% off)

You can’t have a party without pumping music. With the JBL Link Music Wi-Fi Speaker, you can do just that with a variety of sources. From any music app to Wi-Fi, this speaker can handle it all. Plus, it pumps out the tunes in a full 360 degrees to fill any space with brilliant audio. Did we mention it also as Google Assistant?

June Oven Intelligent Countertop Oven ($100 off)

They say the oven doesn’t make the chef, but in the case of June Oven Intelligent Countertop Oven, it absolutely does. This highly intelligent oven features over 100 professionally developed cook programs. This means it can function as a convection oven, slow cooker, air fryer, toaster, dehydrator, broiler, and warming drawer all on its own. Just press a button and get a seriously delicious meal.

Logitech G935 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset ($40 off)

There’s one thing every gamer should have in their arsenal: a fantastic headset. The Logitech G935 is a solid option as it features the brand’s exclusive Pro-G 50mm audio driver. Along with top-notch audio, it also has LIGHTSYNC technology to offer customizable and dynamic lighting that synchronizes to games, video, and music.

Razer Phone 2 Gaming Smartphone ($500 off)

When it comes to deals, the Razer Phone 2 is an exceptional offer. It’s designed for gamers which is obvious as it has a true 120Hz screen, upgraded processor, and vapor chamber cooling. It can handle multiple apps at once or graphic-heavy games with ease. This all comes with no lag, a powerful camera, and, in true Razer form, an illuminated logo on the back with 16.8 million color options.

Presence by Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera ($75 off)

There’s smart, and then there’s Netatmo smart. The Presence Camera has technology to detect objects like people, cars, and even animals so you only get alerted about stuff that matters. If it detects someone loitering, it will instantly tell you via the app on your smartphone. It also sports a floodlight to fully illuminate your space as a deterrent.

Netgear Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router ($100 off)

Still stuck on painfully slow and patchy internet? With the Netgear Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router you can finally be free. Super-fast speeds enable you to experience stunning 4K/8K UHD streaming whether it’s games or Netflix. With this router, you can forget about dropped connections.

Petcube Bites 2 Smart Treat-Dispensing Camera ($50 off)

While this gift is technically for humans, their pets will be over the moon. Petcube Bites 2 combines a camera with a smart treat dispenser. Owners can choose to reward their pets whenever they want via the app. But the camera also lets them interact even while they’re away.

ROLI Portable Songmaker Kit ($195 off)

The fun part of music is the creativity and the only downside is the lack of portability. But all of that changes with the ROLI Portable Songmaker Kit. You can create tracks just about anywhere as it includes the Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block M, and Loop Block. It’s a comprehensive studio experience in a compact size.

Withings BPM Connect Smart Blood Pressure Monitor (20% off)

You can’t put a price tag on health and the Withings BPM Connect helps you stay in the know. It’s a connected and smart blood pressure monitor that gives you fully trackable results. Connecting to the app via Wi-Fi, you can get an instant reading at the push of a button. Then, use the app to see how your results change over time.

Beats Studio3 Pure ANC Headphones (20% off)

Great audio can be easily ruined with environmental noise but that’s not the case with the Beats Studio3 Pure ANC Headphones. These over-ear headphones use real-time audio calibration. This technology drowns out environmental noise while optimizing the output for a better audio experience.

If this list doesn’t get you logged on and shopping, we’re not sure what will. There’s something for everyone in the family in these best of the best Cyber Monday deals. Between Black Friday and today, you should be able to tick off your entire list. Did you happen to find a thing or two for yourself as well? Let us know in the comments!

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