The best e-boards for a fun commute

Why drive to work when you can skate? That’s the view taken by Casey Neistat and many other urban commuters nowadays. Here are the best e-boards for making your daily commute genuinely fun.

The best e-boards for a fun commute
  • What is an e-board exactly? It’s any personal vehicle that looks like a skateboard or longboard and has electric power for propulsion.
  • What kind of range can you get on an e-board? Many electric boards can now achieve upwards of 12 miles before needing to be charged.
  • What are the best e-boards available in 2019? If you want to join Casey Neistat and many other e-boarding commuters, check out the electric decks in this roundup!

Until recently, the idea of riding to work on a skateboard may have seemed a little childish. But as traffic continues to worsen, many urban commuters have taken to riding e-boards. Perhaps the most famous is YouTube vlogger, Casey Neistat.

So, what are the advantages? E-boards are cheap to run, easy to ride, and great for weaving through the traffic. Convinced? Here are the best e-boards that money can buy.

Boosted Mini Electric Short Boards

Featured by Casey Neistat in April last year, the Boosted Mini boards are a great compromise between size and power. The more powerful model — the Mini X — can hit 20 mph with a range of 14 miles.

Price: $749 USD

Dualomo Hybrid Electric Board

Folks with a need for speed will love this lightweight longboard. You push with your leg, but the electric motor provides assistance. You can hit 25 mph on the Dualomo, with a range of up to 20 miles. It can also climb gradients of 25 percent.

Price: $899 USD

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Onewheel Pint Mini Electric Board

Pint is one of the many one-wheeled boards that have hit the shelves recently. This e-board is easy to ride, thanks to a huge central tire. It offers a top speed of 16 miles per hour, and a range of 8 miles.

Price: $950 USD

LEIF eSnowboard Electric Vehicle

The LEIF e-board is something a little different. It has been designed to provide a snowboarding-like experience, complete with bindings. Dual 1,295-watt brushless motors take you up to 23 mph, and flexible trucks allow you to make very tight turns.

Price: $1,547 USD

Riptide R1 Compact Electric Skateboard

If surfing is more your style, the Riptide R1 will make you feel at home. This 31-inch board was made for carving through the traffic. You can hit 20 mph on the Elite version, while the standard R1 retails for under $600.

Price: $599 USD

ionboard Premium Electric Skateboard

Priced at under $500, the ionboard offers brilliant value for money. This stylish e-board climbs 20-percent gradients on 500W electric motors, and it can reach 22 mph on the flat, with a range of 12 miles.

Price: $499 USD

SPECTRA Pro Portable Smart E-board

If you need something that’s easy to carry, SPECTRA Pro should fit the bill. The board measures just 19.4 inches long, and it weighs just 12 pounds. On the road, 3.1-inch hub motors take you up to 15.5mph.

Price: $459 USD

KOTA Spitfire Mk V Electric Longboard

This longboard from KOTA comes with an electric twist. A 36-volt battery powers you to 25 mph, with a range of up to 17 miles. Just as importantly, KOTA offers a range of cool deck designs to pick from.

Price: $1,299 USD

The best e-boards

Have you tried an electric board? Tell us your first impressions in the comments!

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