Best security and privacy gadgets to protect your stuff

With more technology comes more risk. People have more access to our information than ever before, and it's important that you have security and privacy gadgets in place to keep your information safe. From working in a cafe when you're traveling to standing in line at the grocery store, these items will help you protect yourself.

Best security and privacy gadgets to protect your stuff
Apple Privacy Matters Highlight with iPhone Xs Max

I’ll level with you. I’m one of those people. The type who is on the upper end of Millennial, so I’m not 100 percent all-in with technology all the time because I didn’t always have it there like my little brother did. Sometimes I get weirded out when I talk about something, and I see it come up in my Facebook ads the next day, and I think about all of the security and privacy gadgets I want.

Yet I’m still on Facebook. I know. It’s a conundrum, and one that exasperates my husband, who only uses Facebook for work, to no end. But that’s me; I’m an enigma wrapped inside of an enigma or something like that. I use Siri on my phone all the time, but I don’t have an Alexa in my house—yet. It’s coming, though, because who can resist the sweet, sweet lure of Samuel L. Jackson on your Alexa? I have no willpower. (See the never-ending list of husband’s exasperations with me. Hey, he chose it.) But I’ve been eyeing some of these privacy gadgets, and I’m about to pull the trigger on a few.

If you’re like me, you’re probably going to love these too.

Mudi 4G LTE Privacy Router

If you travel or work in public spaces a lot, you’re going to want to look into the Mudi 4G LTE Privacy Router. If you’re in your hotel room working or sitting in the coffee shop, connect to this privacy gadget, and it will act as a cryptography device. It uses the Tor service to help you work anonymously, and it protects you from hackers. This is one I definitely have on my wishlist, so I can work at my Starbucks without worrying about using their public Wi-Fi.

Stronghodl Cryptocurrency Storage

Recovery phrases are hard to remember. And the last thing you want to do is store them on an Excel spreadsheet on your computer or write them down in the notebook you carry with you everywhere. That’s where Stronghodl comes in. It’s a secure, analog product that is fireproof, waterproof, and shockproof. It comes with more than 300 letter tiles to write your password, and then you can cover your phrase and secure it with an Allen wrench. It’s a way better idea than writing your phrase on a Fruit by the Foot wrapper like Ilana did on Broad City.

Winston Online Privacy Device

Even at home, your online information isn’t safe. You should think about getting a Winston Online Privacy Device. It installs between your modem and your router and protects your information online, and there are no monthly VPN fees. Plus, it takes only sixty seconds to install, and unless you know your way around setting up a VPN, that can be a bit of a pain to learn how to do. It’ll even show you who it’s filtering out. And it protects everything on your network: your Alexa, your smart TV, your smart bulbs, etc.

Vektor Advanced Wi-Fi Network Security Device

The Vektor is an all-in-one device that extends your VPN to your smart home devices. It will protect you from hackers and malware, and it blocks ads and web tracking. What’s neat about this privacy gadget is that it can protect your devices from hackers and detect malware infections more quickly than traditional antivirus programs and firewalls. It creates a model of your regular network traffic, which allows it to catch anything different happening and alert you of it. You’ll also be able to create temporary Wi-Fi networks for your guests.

HELLO 2 Encrypted Video Communication Device

The HELLO 2 turns your TV into a communication device that can be used for video conferencing, Skype calls, live broadcasting, gaming, and white-boarding. It also comes with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can be used for home automation. And with everything it can do, you might have privacy concerns, but it has end-to-end encryption and two integrated hack-proof controls.

UVENA RFID-Blocking Card

People are constantly figuring out new ways to steal your money. And with the new technology in credit cards, people have figured out how to steal your information even though the changes and additions of chips are supposed to prevent that. Protect your wallet with this security gadget. The UVENA RFID-Blocking Card fits right into your wallet like a credit card would and will absorb signals in a 2.5-centimeter radius. Buying one of those for my wallet is definitely on my list, especially since it’s so affordable.

Alcove Mobile Laptop Privacy Workstation

I know a few people who work from home and would love to go out and work in coffee shops more. But they work with private medical and financial information, so they can’t be out in public where that could be seen. The Alcove Mobile Laptop Privacy Workstation would enable them to feel more comfortable working in the corner in public, knowing that the person next to them can’t look over at their screen. Without being pretty obvious about it, at least. It’s a laptop case that opens up to give you total privacy. It even has a built-in light bar, so you won’t need to worry about the walls blocking your light.

STARK Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook

This one is definitely on my list of “I found this at work and need to have it now” items. I love working in coffee shops or the Irish pub downtown every so often, but I hate when I can feel someone looking at what I’m doing. The STARK Magnetic Privacy Screen will take care of that for me. And I love that it comes off just as easily as it goes on, so it’s not a privacy sticker I have to put on my screen and keep there, like I’ve had to do with my iPhone before.

Danby Parcel Guard Secure Smart Mailbox

Just yesterday, I turned on the local news to see someone’s doorbell video of a man walking onto their porch, picking up their package, and leaving. This makes me want one of these Danby Parcel Guards more and more, because I get a lot of Prime deliveries. Once your delivery person has placed your package inside, no one can get it out other than you. It works with Apple and Android to unlock, and you can track your orders with the app. It also has a motion-activated camera and tamper alarm for added security.

Hideez Secure Digital Key

If you’re looking to simplify your life and stay secure while you’re at it, this is the security gadget you need. The Hideez Secure Digital Key pretty much grants you access to anything you use. If you get it close to your devices, it unlocks them. And it can store your online passwords. What’s really cool is that it has iris identification. It scans your eyes to unlock the app. How amazing is that? Plus, you’ll never leave it behind, because if it gets too far away from your smartphone, your phone will send you an alert. This is another one that’s at the top of my list to help me streamline everything.

By now, I’ve either terrified you into buying some of these security and privacy gadgets, or I’ve given ideas to implement things you’ve already been thinking about. Have you already purchased any of these? What do you think of them?

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