Best smart doorbells you can buy today

Doorbells have gotten a lot smarter since we were kids. Where once you could only answer the door when you were at home, now you can see who’s at your doorstep while you’re at work or even on the other side of the world. Or you could just be in your living room with no motivation to talk to someone face to face. That’s ok too. Whatever your needs, check out our list of the best smart doorbells you can buy today. You’re sure to find an awesome alternative to your simple doorbell.

Best smart doorbells you can buy today
Nest Hello Made By Google

We’re all relying on delivery and doing more of our grocery shopping online. With the increased traffic at our doorstep, our doorbells have entered the tech age, too, and they connect to our smart homes. Gone are the days when you’d have to peek from an upstairs window, discreetly, to see the person ringing your doorbell. And you won’t need those spy holes anymore, either. Not when you can talk to your visitor via your smartphone. With one of the best smart doorbells you can buy today, you can always see who’s at your front door.

According to CNBC, 1.7 million packages are stolen or lost every day in the US. What’s more, you never know who might ring your doorbell, looking for an easy entry into your home. Smart doorbells help you prevent these situations because they connect to your smartphone or other devices and let you always be aware of who or what is on your doorstep. That way, if someone is getting to your Amazon deliveries before you are, you can try to scare them away via two-way communication features.

CNBC even recommends getting a smart doorbell to prevent package theft. But wouldn’t you feel even better if you didn’t have to open the door to talk to a stranger there? Bells like these let you communicate from a safe distance. Furthermore, these tech gadgets are a great way to make your home do more for you. You always wish you had more eyes at home. And these smart doorbells can make that possible.

Arlo HD Video Doorbell 

You’ll be able to see a whole person with the Arlo HD Video Doorbell. With a 180-degree viewing angle, it can show if your visitor is bringing deliveries or someone who doesn’t belong there. Its HD video will give you a clear view and night vision will let you keep watch no matter the time of day. Best of all, sensors detect motion, so—even if your bell hasn’t been rung—you’ll get a notification that something is a little off.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Another device that will always let know who is at your door is the Nest Hello Video Doorbell. The Nest Hello provides HD video and clear images. And with its night vision, you’ll get a clear view of your doorstep even when it’s dark. With a 160-degree field of view, this smart doorbell allows you to see anywhere from top to bottom. What’s more, it provides 24/7 streaming, so you check on your front door anytime. Finally, motion, person, and sound alerts let it recognize friends and family. They can also send you a special alert when they detect motion.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Nest Hello Video Doorbell with a Blue Door

August View Wire-Free Doorbell Camera

Get a super-realistic view of your doorstep with the August View Wire-Free Doorbell Camera. This smart doorbell device gives you minimal fish-eye distortion and allows you to view your front door from anywhere. Its two-way audio makes it possible for you to engage with your videos, and your subscription gives you 30 days to review missed activity.

Blue Doorbell Camera HD Cam

One of the best smart doorbells that’s also a good choice if you live in an area that experiences high and low temperatures is the Blue Doorbell Camera HD Cam. This door cam can withstand temperature variations as well as rain without being covered. It also gives you two-way communication and night vision. That way, you can see who’s at the door any time of day.

Scout Video Doorbell Home Alarm

If you’re not quite ready to break up with your ring doorbell just yet, you can still keep your home and packages secure with the Scout Video Doorbell Home Alarm. It works with your existing doorbell to offer you a half-circle field of view. And this doorbell alarm records in 1080p HD video. Finally, the two-way talk feature lets you talk with visitors. Otherwise, you can program it to play a prerecorded message when someone rings.

Scout Video Doorbell Home Alarm

Scout Video Doorbell Home Alarm on a Brick Wall

Ring Next-Generation Video Doorbell 3

One of the best smart doorbells that keeps your security in mind is the Ring Next-Generation Video Doorbell 3. With improved motion-detection capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity, this doorbell is super sensitive. And its 1080p HD video will let you see clear images. There’s also a two-way talk feature, and it’s Amazon Alexa compatible.

EZVIZ DB1 Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell

The EZVIZ DB1 Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell lets you see visitors from head to toe when they ring. That way, you’re absolutely sure it’s a delivery man with packages. And the 180-degree vertical field of view allows you to see even small boxes on the ground. This smart doorbell also gives you three hours of cloud storage. Finally, motion detectors will let you know if they sense anything amiss.

EZVIZ DB1 Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell

EZVIZ DB1 Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell on a door frame

These are some of the best smart doorbells you can buy today. They’ll help you increase your home security and scare away those package pirates. No one should tamper with your Amazon orders while you’re away, working hard. So, are you inspired to upgrade your front door to a smart doorbell? Or, do you have any to recommend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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