The Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2016

The Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2016

While the dream of robotic assistance around the home still seems futuristic, smart home technology took some major strides forward this year. With better wireless connectivity, more processing power and new ideas, many of these devices are truly great additions to any household. To help you sort the must buys from the nice tries, here is our roundup of the best smart home gadgets of 2016.

Goodbye Chores

Mi Robot Vacuum

smart home gadgets roundup

This impressive robot vacuum is equipped with 360º laser distance sensors and a powerful brushless DC motor.

Price: $369.99

Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot

smart home gadgets roundup

Put away the ladder and let the remote-controlled Looj 330 keep your gutters clean all year round.

Price: $299 / £170.95

Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner

smart home gadgets roundup

Give your windows the same treatment with the compact Cop Rose robot cleaner.

Price: $132.51

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Family Friends

Aido Home Robot

smart home gadgets roundup

This clever android can teach your kids, keep watch over your home, and entertain the whole family.

Price: $549 (pre-order)

PetChatz “Greet & Treat” Videophone

smart home gadgets roundup

Video call your furry friends from anywhere in the world and even hand out something tasty.

Price: $379

In the Garden

Blossom Smart Watering Controller

smart home gadgets roundup

Set up Blossom to keep your garden looking beautiful and use only half the water of regular irrigation.

Price: $199

Yardian Irrigation Controller and Security Camera

smart home gadgets roundup

Yardian uses weather data to keep your garden watered and lets you see who is snooping around in your backyard.

Price: $159

Clever Caretakers

Neurio Home Electricity Monitor

smart home gadgets roundup

Put this device in your electricity cabinet to see live usage data and advice on reducing your bills.

Price: $219.99

FLARE Home Security System

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FLARE only activates when the last known person exits the building, using night-vision cameras and sensors for comprehensive security.

Price: $279

FlipFlic Blinds Controller

smart home gadgets roundup

With FlipFlic installed, your blinds automatically close when the sun goes down.

Price: $60

Connected Smart Home Gadgets

Google Home Smart Assistant

smart home gadgets roundup

With access to live data from Google, this voice-activated smart home hub currently leads the pack.

Price: $129

L.U.C.Y. Personal Assistant

smart home gadgets roundup

Like something out of Star Trek, L.U.C.Y. uses facial recognition to greet every family member with essential info.

Price: $429

Cassia Hub Bluetooth Router

smart home gadgets roundup

Connect up to 22 devices simultaneously over 1,000 feet with this Bluetooth router.

Price: $99

Home of the Future

June Intelligent Oven

smart home gadgets roundup

Want great meals without slaving over the stove? June will cook anything to perfection without human assistance.

Price: $1495 (pre-order)

Naked 3D Fitness Tracker

smart home gadgets roundup

Standing in front of this mirror reveals your weight and exact body fat percentage…just for a little motivation.

Price: $699

Highlights Reel

The list above picks out just a few of the amazing smart home gadgets released this year. Which was your favorite?

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