Bugatti launched a $300,000 pool table with gyroscopic self-leveling

Looking for a new pool table that's above the norm? Then we might have what you're looking for. Boasting a $300,000 price tag, this pool table—designed by Bugatti and IXO—includes a 13-inch screen to keep track of scores, carbon-fiber frame, and more. Let's see if it's worth the cost of an apartment in today's blog.

Bugatti launched a $300,000 pool table with gyroscopic self-leveling
Bugatti Pool Table setup

Titled Bugatti Pool Table, this $300,000 product uses the best and finest materials available. This pool table uses CNC-machined and anodized aluminum sides, stainless-steel ball pockets layered with leather, and titanium nuts and screws. And for a luxury finish, each pool table has the Bugatti logo and unique plaque on the side along with the limited-edition number.

But that’s not all. This luxury pool table includes a gyroscopic self-leveling sensor. Designed for use on yachts, this pool table’s legs automatically adjust in just five milliseconds to balance out a ship’s movement for vibration-free adjustment that’s totally silent. Discover what other features and accessories are in store in today’s blog.

The Bugatti Pool Table in a video

What accessories does the Bugatti Pool Table include?

Included in the $300,000 price tag, you’ll receive a built-in 13-inch display. This screen records the scores for you, so you don’t have to. Best of all, you’ll receive carbon-fiber cues with aluminum ends for a high-quality finish that evenly distributes the weight for better precision when you play. You’ll also receive a dimmable, carbon-fiber LED ceiling light for improved visibility while you play. Moreover, your purchase includes a black, aluminum chalk box, a leather suitcase for transporting and storing your balls, and a USB drive that contains photos and videos of the table’s building process.

“It is our pleasure to be working with a manufacturing partner that mirrors the qualities of Bugatti. Through our shared values, we can be sure that the Bugatti Pool Table will be made with extremely high-quality materials, that the standard of the limited production will be very high, and that the technology used to make the product is advanced.”

Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti

Overall, there will only be 30 pool tables made of this luxury pool table, and deliveries begin in June. What are your thoughts? Is the price too high or are you happy with what you’ll receive? Share your feedback in the comments.

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