This camping security gadget is the protection you need

Venturing into the great outdoors is some of the best medicine there is for many people. You're wild and free and sleeping under the stars. But what about your belongings? You can't take your tent with you on a hike, and you can't be vigilant while you sleep. So what do you do?

This camping security gadget is the protection you need
The Cam.G Plus Camping Security Device is the perfect addition to your camping gear

Camping can be one of the most peaceful experiences to get away from everything. It gives you the opportunity to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life. Setting up a tent to sleep in and going out on a hike to become one with nature is freeing in a way that is hard to explain. But it can be difficult to fully disconnect if you’re worried about your belongings. Now, you can relax knowing there’s a camping security gadget monitoring your campsite.

camping security gadget to warn you of intruders

This camping safety gadget will is portable enough to take anywhere

The Cam.G Plus Camping Security Device is the camping tool every camper from novice to expert needs to help control their camping surroundings and monitor their belongings. You can leave your site and take that hike into the woods or up the mountain with peace of mind, knowing that the Cam.G Plus is back at your tent.

The portable camping safety gadget

Wherever you go, you can be sure you’re safe with Cam.G Plus. This safety device is super portable and easy to use, so you can easily bring it anywhere. You’re not just restricted to camping and using it in your tent. Many cabins have flimsy locks or are in out-of-the-way places. Rather than worry about intruders, you can place the Cam.G Plus in your cabin and know that you’ll be alerted if something happens.

camping security gadget is easy to use

The emergency whistle is an added layer of security to make you feel safer

The Cam.G Plus senses heat and movement within five meters of the device. If it senses anything, it will send out an alarm via the device and your linked smartphone. You’ll know the moment something or someone uninvited enters your camping space.

Because this camping safety tool is handheld, you can easily place it in your gear and take it on the go with you. You won’t need to worry if you have room for it in your pack.

Cam.G Plus monitors mosquitos

Mosquitos are more than just a pest. They’re dangerous. They carry all manner of harmful diseases, and the numbers are rising year after year. Unfortunately, if you’re going to be outdoors, it’s hard to avoid them. You can buy candles. You can light a bonfire and hope the smoke helps to deter them. You can spray yourself in bug spray. But these aren’t always great solutions.

Many of the safer bug repellent sprays don’t offer as much protection as the DEET-filled ones on the market. And most of us don’t like spraying harsh chemicals all over our bodies. Instead, use your Cam.G Plus camping tool. This camping security gadget comes with mosquito control. It emits an ultrasonic wave to ward off those pesky bugs and keeps you from getting bit and contracting mosquito-borne diseases.

You’ll be able to breathe easy with this safety tool

In any environment, carbon monoxide is a danger. You can’t see it or smell it, so you never know if you’re in danger if you don’t have a monitor. And most people don’t have a carbon monoxide detector they travel with. Until now.

camping security gadget to monitor carbon monoxide

Hang the Cam.G Plus at the top of your tent to monitor carbon monoxide levels

The Cam.G Plus acts as a carbon monoxide detector. You and your family will be able to sleep soundly knowing that this camping safety tool is monitoring the air you’re breathing. If anything is detected, the Cam.G Plus will sound an alarm.

Ensure your pet’s or child’s safety as well

If you have a pet or a child sleeping in your cabin or tent, it’s important to manage their comfort and safety as well. Sure, you can check the weather app on your phone constantly, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate what the conditions are in your tent.

camping security gadget to warn you of intruders

This camping safety gadget will is portable enough to take anywhere

Simply place the Cam.G Plus camping security gadget in your tent or cabin, and it will monitor the temperature and humidity. You can even set an alarm to go off if the temperature or humidity level reaches a certain point. You’ll be able to rescue your child or pet from unsafe conditions.

Added levels of safety with this safety device

It’s dark, you need something, and you don’t have a flashlight. What do you do? Well, you can use your Cam.G Plus camping safety tool. It comes equipped with an LED light that has three levels of brightness for any situation.

camping security gadget has LED light

The LED light is perfect for when the battery runs out in your flashlight or you can’t find it

Do you need to scare off an intruder or a possibly dangerous animal? Cam.G Plus has you covered for this type of situation as well. This safety device also comes with an emergency bell that emits at a whopping 95 decibels. You’ll be able to send bears running in the other direction with that level of noise.

What we ❤️

This camping security gadget is more than just a device that detects intruders. We love that it’s multifaceted and helps with carbon monoxide and mosquitos. The light is also a great addition.

What we’d ❤️ to see in future designs

While the specifications state that the camping device takes 7 hours to charge, it doesn’t specify how long it will hold that charge. It’d be nice to know how long it will last so you can plan your trip accordingly. For instance, people who are tent camping might night have a way to recharge the device.

It also doesn’t state the range of distance for the device to connect to your phone. While the assumption is that you can leave your items behind knowing that they are being monitored, how far can you go?

We’d love for the range of distance to be expanded for monitoring. Five meters in some areas is enough, but in other areas, it would be nice to have more range so that you don’t need two Cam.G Plus devices to ensure full coverage.

Get the Cam.G Plus

You can grab your Cam.G Plus Camping Safety Device on Indiegogo for only $88. Your comfort and security are definitely worth it.

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