Commuter bike gadgets you need for cycling season

Enhance your bike commute with these must-have bike gadgets! From smart bike locks to safety lights, we've got you covered with the latest gear to make your ride safe and enjoyable.

Commuter bike gadgets you need for cycling season
LAAS O-lock is a smart bike lock

Are you a bike commuter looking to improve your safety and convenience on the road? If so, you’re in luck! Today, we’re sharing some of the best bike gadgets for work commutes. You can count on them to make your ride safer and more fun.

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First up is the UNIT 1 FARO smart Mips helmet. Not only is this helmet stylish, but it’s also incredibly safe, with a waterproof and scratch-proof fabric covering its LED array. They increase your nighttime visibility from all directions and distances.

Next on our list is the all-in-one safety device for cyclists. Lightweight and easy to use, this gadget attaches to your bike’s seat post, where it offers protection features like real-time geolocation, impact detection, brake and rear lights, and more.

Features to look for when buying commuter bike gadgets

When it comes to finding the perfect bike gadgets for your work commute, there are a few features you should look for to make sure you get the best value for your money. Here are some to consider.

  • Safety features: Of course, safety should be your top priority. Look for gadgets that will help you be seen, such as bright lights and reflective materials. Also, consider devices with impact detection or crash alerts like the device we mentioned earlier.
  • Convenience: Commuting can be stressful enough without having to fuss with complicated gadgets. Look for devices that are easy to install, use, and maintain. The last thing you want is to be late for work because you’re trying to figure out how to mount your new GPS device.
  • Durability: Daily rides can be tough on your gear, so you want to make sure your gadget can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Look for gadgets made with durable materials that can handle the elements and rough terrain.
  • Battery life: Don’t be stuck with a dead gadget halfway through your trip; ensure your devices have long battery lives. And check that they charge easily.
  • Compatibility: If you use multiple gadgets, confirm that they’re compatible with each other. For example, if you use a GPS device and a smart helmet, you’ll want them to communicate seamlessly.
  • Having the right gear can make a world of difference when you commute to work by bike. Stay safe on the road with the great gadgets and gear below!

Let’s dive in and check out the best bike gadgets and gear for work commutes!

1. The UNIT 1 FARO smart Mips helmet has a stylish look and an array of LEDs that increase your visibility. Get it for $199.90 on the official website.

UNIT 1 FARO in use

Stay safe while riding with the UNIT 1 FARO smart Mips helmet. Featuring a set of LEDs with 500 lumens of brightness, this helmet increases your nighttime visibility from all directions and distances. You can even customize the RGB LEDs to change colors and configurations.

Most important, this helmet uses lifesaving Mips technology. So it has a low-friction liner that allows for micro rotations and absorbs extra energy to protect your brain during angled impact. Then, with embedded accelerometers, this helmet detects crashes and even sends texts if you’re unresponsive.

2. The all-in-one safety device for cyclists is packed with safety features and is simple to use. Preorder it for about $142 on the company website.

DOTS bike on a bike

Another great gadget for commuter cyclist safety is the all-in-one safety device for cyclists. It’s a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use smart GPS that cyclists can attach to the seat of their bikes.

There, it delivers features like instant Bluetooth recognition, real-time geolocation, intelligent brake and rear lights for safety, and more. The device also has impact detection and help alerts along with fallen bike detection. Also, the long-lasting battery runs all day.

3. The Hiplok SWITCH folding bike lock transports anywhere easily with its clip-carry system. Buy it for $89.99 on the brand’s website.

Hiplok SWITCH intro video

Make carrying a bike lock easier when you buy the Hiplok SWITCH folding bike lock. It boasts a SWITCH clip carry system and an easy-to-install bracket and SWITCH plate that fits the lock or a water bottle. They make carrying the lock on yourself or on the bike a breeze.

Meanwhile, the lock is made of solid bronze and comes in 2 color options. Then, the entire gadget is just 85 cm long, so it’s easy to fit around your bike or a bag.

4. The Clic-Light wearable smart LED bike signal helps other drivers see you better in the dark. Purchase it for $119 on Amazon.

Clic Light
Clic-Light on a backpack

Be seen through fog and tough weather when you have the Clic-Light wearable smart LED bike signal. The smart system boasts 6,000 lumens of brightness, maximizing your visibility.

In fact, this gadget helps others see you from up to 400 meters away. The fully adjustable design attaches to a 4-way harness or a backpack, and it offers a Brake Light, a Hazard Light, Turn Signals, a Fog Light, and a Position Light. It also works in sunlight.

5. The VIRGO eBike helmet is extra durable for eBike riders and other 2-wheelers. Check it out on Prelaunch.

VIRGO in color options

If you ride an eBike to work, consider the VIRGO eBike helmet. Your higher speed requires an extra level of protection. And that’s why VIRGO gives you full face and head coverage while you ride, keeping you safe on the road.

What’s more, this gadget is highly visible at night, has optimized airflow, and has a rotative switchable front visor. Meanwhile, the polycarbonate shell keeps this helmet lightweight, ensuring that it’s as comfortable as it is protective!

6. The AirBell bicycle bell for Apple AirTag makes it easy to keep tabs on your bike during work. It costs $19.99 on Amazon.

AirBell close up

When you commute to work with your bike, there’s always the worry that someone will nick it while you’re in the office. But, with the AirBell bicycle bell for Apple AirTag, you can easily keep an eye on it.

This bike accessory hides your AirTag on your bike, so you can connect to Apple’s Find My network. That way, you can stay apprised of your bike’s whereabouts on your phone. What’s more, the set comes with an easy assembly kit, and the bell attaches to your handlebars.

7. The LAAS O-lock smart bike lock connects to an app where you can unlock, share, and track it. Preorder it for $97 on Indiegogo.

O lock
LAAS O-lock on a bicycle

Another great gadget for keeping an eye on your bicycle is the LAAS O-lock smart bike lock, one of the best bike gadgets for work commutes. Perfect for modern lifestyles, it helps you know where your bike is at all times. The lock integrates with an app that displays the location of your bike via Bluetooth.

You can also share encrypted keys with friends or family members with just a tap on your phone. Then, this keyless bike lock has a 3-year battery life and allows you to unlock it through the app.

8. The Garmin Edge Explore 2 GPS bike computer offers a reliable and easy-to-use GPS cycling computer. Purchase it for $299.99 on the company’s website.

Garmin Edge Explore 2
Garmin Edge Explore 2 on a bike

Keep track of your location while riding with the Garmin Edge Explore 2 GPS bike computer. This cycling computer offers bike-specific navigation to ensure you stay on track. With frequent use, it offers up to 16 hours of battery life and up to 24 hours when in saver mode.

Use the Garmin Connect app to create courses and sync them to this computer. And, if you use a compatible eBike, you can enjoy the eBike routing based on your battery status, assist level, and range. The gadget also provides incident detection and preloaded activity profiles.

9. The Skarper DiskDrive all-in-one motor & battery drive unit makes any bike an eBike. It starts at about $1,242 and is coming soon.

Skarper DiskDrive in a lifestyle scene

Feeling tired after a long day at work? The Skarper DiskDrive all-in-one motor & battery drive unit can transform your bicycle into an eBike in a snap. Simply attach it to any bike with a disc brake—this gadget installs with just a click.

Then, the wire-free drive system is fully enclosed and requires no modifications for your bike. The DiskDrive tech allows you to tackle hills and long distances when you don’t have the energy.

All in all, these bike gadgets can make your work commutes a lot more enjoyable, efficient, and safe. From tracking your bike to adding electric power to your ride, there’s a gadget for every cyclist commuter out there.

Which of these best bike gadgets for work commutes would you love to add to your ride? Let us know in the comments!

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