CES 2021’s CareOS Themis Smart Mirror improves your wellbeing and long-term health

Incorporate the CareOS Themis Smart Mirror into your skincare regime and health practices. It can check your temperature, send you notifications when it's time to relax, and even assess your skin type. Keep reading to discover more highlights.

CES 2021’s CareOS Themis Smart Mirror improves your wellbeing and long-term health
CareOS Themis Smart Mirror in use

The CareOS Themis Smart Mirror was an exciting release at CES 2021. This bathroom gadget uses sensors to track your skincare routine, hygiene, and even mental health.

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It features a 10-inch screen and a touch interface that makes it great for mounting above your bathroom sink.

Observes your skincare routine and women’s fertility

Go beyond simply looking at your skin in a mirror and use the CareOS Themis Smart Mirror to carefully analyze your skin condition to provide skincare and makeup recommendations with its 48 Mpx camera. In fact, it can analyze your skin and even guide you on facial yoga to minimize the appearance of fine lines. And its 10-inch size and bordered lights provide a great backdrop for applying your makeup, too.

Impressively, Themis can even check your fertility cycle and send you reminders when you’re next due.

CareOS Themis Smart Mirror

CareOS Themis Smart Mirror with a woman

Monitors your fitness progress and encourages good habits

Who’d have thought that a mirror could track your fitness levels? This wellness companion communicates to your bathroom scale to monitor your fitness progress. But its focus is more on encouraging healthy habits than getting you to pump iron. In fact, the mirror will remind you to take regular relaxation sessions during the day to take care of your mental status. And it’ll even notify you when you need to go to bed. Best of all, Themis can conduct temperature checks with the IR sensor.

CareOS Themis Smart Mirror

CareOS Themis Smart Mirror with a greeting message

Uses sensors to collect health data

The CareOS Themis Smart Mirror is packed with several sensors to collect plenty of data regarding your health. The sensors consist of a high-quality RGB camera, IR temperature sensor, and UV light to analyze your skincare routine.

And you don’t have to worry about your data being exposed to the public, because the data is safeguarded using encrypted software and hardware security modules.

With plenty of health parameters, this bathroom gadget can refocus you on your health. And it’ll quickly become a part of your morning routine, with friendly text greetings when you’re present and the present time displayed. The CareOS Themis Smart Mirror costs $399 and will debut in late 2021.

Could you imagine using this as part of your daily routine? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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