Circo Dishwasher: Manually Wash Your Plates and Utensils Without Electricity

Circo Dishwasher: Manually Wash Your Plates and Utensils Without Electricity

Not everyone has access to an electric dishwasher. In most parts of the world, dirty plates are still washed by hand under a sink or a huge basin. This is because in order to clean dishes electrically, you need the actual machine (very expensive), access to water on the grid (not everyone is on it) and electricity (not accessible for the same reasons as the other two criteria).

Because of this, individuals who would like an innovative way to wash their eating tools don’t have very many options- until now. Circo dishwasher with dishes

Turn to Clean

The solution to this global issue is the Circo dishwasher. It cleans small kitchen appliances and dishes using a manual crank. To use the device, simply add water and a sodium acetate tablet to the tray. The chemical reaction also provides heat for tough stains. After loading the box, you’ll have to turn the crank several times to move the water around. The dishes stay in the middle and are not jumbled around during the process.

When you’re done, the unit serves as a space-saving drying rack.

Circo dishwasher next to sink

Great For the Environment

The Circo dishwasher is perfect for individuals who plan on spending the weekend in a cabin or getaway house. Such destinations aren’t usually connected to the grid. Developing regions could also benefit from the machine, especially in areas where electricity is pricey.

“Not only does it require no electricity to run, but designer Chen Levin says it uses only 3 l (0.7 gal) of water compared to the 10 l (2.2 gal) of a typical dishwasher,” highlighted Stu Robarts from Gizmag.

Chen Levin, the designer of the contraption, created the kitchen tool in November 2014. It was the inventor’s university project- that now could bring many struggling households to the modern era.

Does the Circo dishwasher have a place in your kitchen? Let us know what you think.

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