Clairy Purifies the Air in Your Home Using Real Plants

Clairy Purifies the Air in Your Home Using Real Plants
Fresh air never looked so good.

The best air is fresh air. For those who live in parts of the world where it’s always a nice temperature and there’s no smog, opening the windows of your home is a great way to let fresh air in. But if you’re one of us who lives in a smoggy city or in a climate where opening the windows leaves you shivering, the fresh air we crave is harder to come by. With nearly 3000 gallons of air going into our lungs each day, it’s important that it’s fresh and clean. And this is why Clairy was invented.

Clairy is dubbed the most amazing natural air purifier and for good reason: it’s powered by real plants to give you the freshest and cleanest air while helping the environment. Because of this innovative design, the Clairy system actually helps to combat indoor air pollution which can be up to five times as bad as the air outside.

[tweet_box]At first glance, you’ll see why Clairy stands out. As opposed to being housed in a grim plastic tower, Clairy is instead a smart flower pot.[/tweet_box]

Made of ceramic, this Italian styled flower pot is outfitted with advanced technology to pump air through the plants and soil and into your home. Using the plant as a natural filter, Clairy is able to filter 93% of toxic agents out of the air immediately. Despite this super power, Clairy consumes very low energy and runs silently.


Clairy works simply yet remarkably and with the power of nature. Inside the flower pot is another flower pot with a filtration system between the two. A fan directs the air in your home to the roots to be detoxified. Connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, Clairy senses the air quality, temperature, and humidity to ensure the air is the best. The app will notify you of any toxins with real time updates as well some some helpful hints to make the air in your home cleaner. Additionally, the app can be used to adjust the settings of Clairy to suit pregnancy, allergies, asthma, and more.


Clairy, as I mentioned, is unlike any other air purifier on the market. It uses no filters which means you don’t need to purchase replacements. Coming in your choice of color, Clairy is available in alabaster, navy blue, aquamarine, coral, matte black, and copper. You can also personalise your own with a choice of a white, black, coral, or aquamarine metal grid.

Currently live with a Kickstarter campaign and at nearly €40k of their €89k goal, you can reserve your own Clairy for a donation of just €133. The units purchased through the campaign will be delivered in January 2017.

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