The Cyberphone luxury iPhone 11 Pro looks like a Tesla Cybertruck

Smartphones are rounded rectangles now. It’s the standard industry shape. But does it have to be? If you’re someone who doesn’t play by the rules or your style isn’t dictated by big brands, this luxury smartphone inspired by the Tesla CyberTruck is the phone for you. It’s a device whose shape is based on geometric lines and simple shapes. The materials are versatile for a smartphone that’s one-of-a-kind, like you.

The Cyberphone luxury iPhone 11 Pro looks like a Tesla Cybertruck
Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro Box and Phone

Your style is unique, and your smartphone should echo that. The makers of the Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro understand. A Russian company that specializes in luxury accessories, Caviar, pushes the boundaries of typical products for customers who are anything but average. That’s why they’ve created this luxury iPhone 11 Pro, a phone with a shape no other company has experimented with.

A Tesla Cybertruck-inspired smartphone

Style is a huge component of Caviar phones, and this one is no different. Its design is inspired by the geometric, wedge shapes that characterize Elon Musk’s latest Tesla creation, the Cybertruck, a battery-powered, all-electric pickup truck everyone will want to get their hands on. The Cyberphone is a great way to get the style of the truck in your pocket.

Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro

Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro Camera

This luxury iPhone is as sturdy as it is innovative

And the shape is cool. With its louvers, it looks like a car from the 80s.  Another unique feature is the phone’s protective cover, a built-in case that folds over the phone’s glass screen. It adds a level of protection that doesn’t exist for your run-of-the-mill iPhone. The body is high-quality titanium, which also secures the phone from impact. With the Caviar Cyberphone iPhone 11, you won’t have to worry about shattering your screen. Its stylish exterior is as sturdy as it is innovative.

Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro

Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro Cover

The Cyberphone features a built-in stand for comfortable viewing

The folding cover also transforms into a stand. So you’ll be able to prop the phone wherever you are, no additional accessories necessary. Imagine standing your phone up on the table at a restaurant so you and your date can watch the day’s presentation or video chat with a loved one traveling overseas. No need to tire your fingers or sit in an uncomfortable position. The Caviar Cyberphone makes it so you don’t have to do a thing.

Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro

Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro Back

What a luxury iPhone 11 Pro looks like

The Cyberphone’s base is the iPhone 11 Pro, so it boasts all of the features of this Apple product. Most notably, the triple-camera system adds capability and ease for taking photos with four times more scenes. It also lets you take better pictures in dimmer light, something we can all agree is fantastic. The 4K video camera allows for high-quality shooting for greater detail and smoother motion. Then you can edit videos using the same tools you love for photos.

Since the phone is an iPhone 11 Pro, it also runs on Apple’s A13 Bionic chip that uses machine learning and increases what a smartphone can do. This power is the reason this iPhone is the first one to be called a Pro. Like the iPhone 11 Pro, the Cyberphone’s screen is 5.8 inches. But not to be outdone, Caviar also has the phone available for order in the larger, 6.5-inch size.

Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro

Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro Box

The Cyberphone iPhone 11 Pro also boasts opulent packaging

When you order this phone, your transaction will be handled by a personal accountant. That’s how exclusive it is. Along with that, Caviar will ship it to you for free, wherever you are in the world. Finally, the phone arrives in a beautiful black leather case with gold stitching. Something so unique should have extraordinary packaging. Caviar has constructed this phone to be gorgeous down to the last detail and you’ll feel the quality and craftsmanship in this phone the moment you open the box.

Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro

Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro Open

What we love about the Caviar Cyberphone iPhone 11 Pro

We love that the Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro pushes the boundaries with design. Really, who says that smartphones all have to be that ubiquitous oblong rectangle? It’s interesting to see a true designer phone inspired by the designs of a cutting-edge carmaker. We also love the built-in stand. Who likes lugging around a smartphone holder (or thinking about lugging one), or propping it up against a glass of water. That’s dangerous for your phone and not very elegant. Caviar has thought of this and helps its customers use their products in the most elegant way.

What we would love to see

For now, the Cyberphone is an iPhone 11 Pro with a unique cover. It would be interesting if Caviar could implement more features on this phone in the future, as they did with the stand built-in stand.  Maybe a motion or voice-activated cover? Even the sky is not the limit for this firm or its customers.

Where can you buy the Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 Pro

Cyberphone Luxury iPhone 11 pro starts at $5990 and is available on Caviar’s company website. Only 99 of these devices will ever be made, so if you’ve got the extra cash and the enthusiasm, hop on over to their site. At the time of writing this post, only 23 pieces are in stock.

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