Lightning and Magsafe Saver Preserves Your iPhone/iPad/MacBook Cables Like a Pro

Lightning and Magsafe Saver Preserves Your iPhone/iPad/MacBook Cables Like a Pro

There’s no denying the fact that we all carry our smartphones and tablets everywhere these days. Quite naturally, that includes an additional baggage of chargers. If you’re not an Apple user, your charging cables are less prone to damage because of the strain relief (SR) system that minimizes bending and releases pressure while unplugging. But however, the iPhone and iPad lightning cable manufacturers wanted a more sleek design and opted out of the SR system. This has made your lightning cables more prone to getting worn out in a matter of 6-8 months. If you’re not too careful, your cable will tear open at the base of the connector. Although there have been a lot of DIY approach into fixing this damage, none of the solutions offer a stylish look as compared to the original cable design which is neat and sophisticated from every angle. So, what should you do in order to avoid this kind of cable mess which cannot be solved with efficient cable management solutions!

Should you opt for wireless charging instead? Yes, you can but will it be a feasible solution keeping your budget under consideration. What if I say there’s a solution which can help you preserve your Apple cables for just $2. A solution which will not just sort out the worn out cable mess but also make your cables look pretty stylish at the same time. With over 500,000 units already sold locally in Taiwan, the Lightning and Magsafe Saver is now willing to help every Apple user globally. That too, with a cable fixing solution you can use forever!

Protect your lightning cables

Enhance the Longevity of Your Apple Cables

Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo with their fund goal already covered, the team behind LimitStyle wants to make your overall Apple experience with the cables long-lasting in a beautiful way. Their purpose is to solve the cable tears forever and it’s not confined to the iPhone and iPads alone. With the Magsafe Saver, you’ll be able to keep your MacBook cables free from the damage as well.

Lightning cable protector

These savers are a two-click solution which are tiny yet effective and strong enough to safeguard your cables from unwanted wear and tear. Using these savers, you can have your cables twist and turn with ease and give them a better longevity at the same time. According to statistics, 41% of cables face more damage if they are carried around all the time. Given the kind of mobile lifestyle we have, you can’t leave your cables behind and that’s where the Lightning and Magsafe Saver will come handy. They come in eight beautiful colors which can enclose your cables such that you don’t have to buy new cables or alternative charging solutions every now and then.

Lightning and Magsafe saver review

Two-Click Mechanism

The savers come with a rubber inner layer which can absorb impacts and prevent any damage caused due to harmful twists and turns. There’s an outer layer too that is useful in terms of keeping your cables protected from outside damage as well. While the Lightning Saver has already had over 500,876 units sold, the Magsafe Saver is the latest introduction from the team for MacBook users. It includes the same two-click mechanism and comes in five color options keeping your style quotient under consideration.

Lightning and Magsafe saver on indiegogo

The pricing for these useful protectors is just $2 which is available under various pledges on Indiegogo. So pre-order your set of lightning cable protectors now and enjoy your Apple experience without worrying about breaking your cables too often. Happy Gadgeting!

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