ECOVACS DEEBOT floor-cleaning robots are up for sale during Amazon Prime Day

The ECOVACS DEEBOT floor-cleaning robots have been getting smarter with home cleaning. And now, they are going to be available at a much affordable price (up to $120 off) this week during Amazon Prime.

ECOVACS DEEBOT floor-cleaning robots are up for sale during Amazon Prime Day
  • What makes the ECOVACS robots special? Their robotic vacuum cleaning system has been growing consistently over the years with unique features. The primary series has been the DEEBOT (floor-cleaning robot) and the WINBOT (window-cleaning robot).
  • Which products are up for sale during Amazon Prime Week? ECOVACS is making three of their most popular robot vacuums even more affordable this week around Amazon Prime Day – DEEBOT N79S, DEEBOT 901, and the DEEBOT OZMO 601.
  • What is the maximum discount you can expect? The discounted price will vary based on the product but you’ll see prices dropped by up to $120.

Let’s face it – cleaning the floor is one of the worst tasks of the day. Unfortunately, it’s something you can’t go without. Thanks to technology and innovation, we have smart floor-cleaning vacuum robots to make light of dirty floors. However, apart from popular brands like iRobot Roomba or Braava, the ECOVACS DEEBOT series is a must-see. These robot vacuums perform impressive cleaning and feature a corresponding app on your smartphone so you can also control the operation. In addition, their robot vacuums even work with Alexa to make them even smarter.

Good news – ECOVACS is doing a huge sale on three of these useful DEEBOT vacuums during the week around Amazon Prime Day. You can grab them at discounted prices up to $120 off (will vary based on the product). Let’s take a look at what these three ECOVACS DEEBOT floor-cleaning robots look like along with their major features.


This smart home cleaning robot goes above and beyond thanks to Alexa integration as well as app compatibility. You can choose to ask Alexa to initiate the robot or control it via the dedicated mobile app. This robust robot can tackle everything from bare floors to carpets with ease and perfection. The 3-stage cleaning system gives your home the perfect overall clean. In fact, there are multiple modes to ensure that every nook and cranny of every room gets the cleaning it needs.

Get yours here.


If you’re wanting a customized home cleaning experience, the DEEBOT 901 is the perfect robot vacuum for you. This robot knows your home environment by creating a visual map using Smart Navi technology. It navigates flawlessly, cleaning both bare floors and carpets as well as picking up hair and debris. Just like N79S, this robot is also Alexa and Google Home compatible along with mobile app compatibility.

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The robot uses an innovative OZMO mopping system to mop your floor with precision. This process features an electronically-controlled water pump which consistently draws water from a large reservoir. It applies water at a consistent rate while mopping and it also provides a better overall clean on thin carpets. Along with Alexa compatibility, the mobile app compatibility makes it super easy for you to take control as and when you need. With the OZMO 601, vacuuming and mopping your home just got a whole lot easier.

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So, what are you waiting for? Grab your ECOVACS DEEBOT floor-cleaning robot now and let it handle the hard work for you.

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