Equil Smartpen 2 Digitizes the Real Ink Pen For Saving Your Handwritten Notes in the Cloud

Equil Smartpen 2 Digitizes the Real Ink Pen For Saving Your Handwritten Notes in the Cloud

After having entered this digitized zone of keyboards and online cloud storage, taking notes using a real pen and paper is slowly going away from our lives. Even artists and designers prefer sketching on their iPads with new-age styluses today instead of using natural paper which can often submerge into your overflowing array of notebooks and documents and not be found when needed. Apps like Wunderlist and Any.do have replaced those time consuming to-do-lists you made before going to the grocery. Using a pen is considered a more strenuous activity today as whatever you write is often required to be typed into an online document later so as to share it with friends or colleagues, as and where the requirement lies. So why bother enhancing your handwriting when all you’ve got to do is increase your typing speed with time.

This is what takes us away from going through the beauty of handwritten notes and sketches which has a charm of its own. Sometimes, it’s only when you write naturally, holding a pen on a real paper, that you get to unveil better ideas from your brain. Natural style of writing notes shouldn’t take off from our lives just because computers and technology have replaced a real paper with Google Docs. Announced at Techcrunch Disrupt 2014 and smashing it’s goal on Indiegogo, the Equil Smartpen 2 has been designed to merge these two different areas of life that won’t let you compromise your natural style of handwriting or keep your real paper notes away from cloud storage. It’s a pen that’s inevitably made to culture natural handwritings and sketches in the digital world.

Equil Smartpen 2

Take Your Notes Naturally and Store Them in the Cloud

By pairing with the corresponding Equil Note and Sketch Apps on your iOS or Android device, the Smartpen 2 lets you take notes or draw sketches which can then be easily shared or stored in the cloud. You can draw naturally or express your ideas using your trademark handwritten style and then tag these notes in the cloud so as to find them easily whenever required. As told by Greg Appelhof, Luidia Inc. President (the company behind Equil Smartpen 2) on their press release, “With the new Equil Smartpen 2, every surface becomes ‘smart’. The new Equil Smartpen 2 with handwriting recognition lets you create, capture and share your ideas on any device, from anywhere.” So, from sketching flowcharts to solving mathematical problems to illustrating your diagrams, Equil Smartpen 2 brings numerous options of natural writing and sketching on your palm in a simple form factor that looks like your normal pen from every which way. No special ink or paper required – Equil Smartpen 2 is designed to be compatible with any ink and paper. Pair them up with these adorable Black Punk Notebooks and carry your digital notes in a more natural style.

Equil Smartpen 2 on Indiegogo

One interesting feature of the Equil Note App is that it can identify handwritten notes and transform them into editable text thus saving you those painful hours of retyping notes just because your team needs to be emailed all that you’ve noted down from the recent meetup with a client. The Equil setup syncs among all your devices including cloud storage such as iCloud, DropBox and Evernote so that all your notes, illustrations, sketches stay bound together in one place for easy searchability in the future.

Bridges the Gap Between Physical and Digital Worlds

The set comprises a Charging Cradle and Convenient Case, the Smartpen and the Receiver. Whenever you’re taking any note or scribbling on a paper you’d want to transfer to the cloud, just attach the Receiver on the top of the paper, turn it on and start writing with the Smartpen. Your notes will be synced automatically with cloud storage and you won’t get to feel the burden of writing or typing the same note time and again. The pen’s tip is pressure sensitive to ensure your digital notes and sketches have the same clarity and perfection like the physical ones. Both the pen and the receiver come with built-in memory so that you don’t lose out on your notes even if you don’t have a mobile device with the app around. They are rechargeable and can survive for eight hours between charges. Most importantly, the entire setup is ultra portable for you to carry this excellent key between the natural and digital style of writing notes easily in your everyday style of living.

Currently available at a price of $169.99, the Equil Smartpen 2 will never let you forget your natural style of writing using real ink and paper. Save a bunch of handwritten notes and carry all your scribble on your mobile device at once. Such bridges between the physical and digital worlds is amazing and truly worth a buy. Happy Gadgeting!

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