Evoz: Smart Baby Monitor For Always Connected Parents

Evoz: Smart Baby Monitor For Always Connected Parents

Need help watching over your little one but don’t want to hire a babysitter? For modern parents who can handle taking care of a newborn and are looking for small gaps in the day to take a short breather, there’s the Evoz baby monitor. 

Evoz smart baby monitor layout and design map

Interaction 2.0

The Evoz device is a smart baby monitor that allows parents or guardians to watch over their newborn from a different location. You should never leave your child unattended, but if you need to wash the dishes, clean a nearby room or get some water downstairs, this tool can be used to ensure your baby is safe and well accounted for.

Setting up the monitoring system takes less than five minutes. A quick, 4-step procedure includes downloading the app and connecting the device to your Wi-Fi network.

Using a wide-angle HD camera and sensitive environmental features, parents are able to see everything in real-time. Should your little one need verbal comfort, you can speak directly through the app like a walkie-talkie. If your baby is having a hard time sleeping, playing his or her favorite lullaby is as simple as selecting a tune from the system.

Evoz baby monitor swivels

Robust Safety Features and Data Tracking

Controlling the room’s environment is top priority for parents. That’s why the creators of Evoz included a temperature-sensing component that helps you monitor the area’s surroundings with ease. A built-in light also lets individuals maintain adequate lighting during naps and evening sleeping sessions.

Unlike other digital baby monitors, the Evoz boasts an always-connected network that gathers data about your newborn around the clock. The information can be accessed through The Parenting Toolbox, an array of services for learning parents.

Evoz baby monitoring app

Creating Memories

Did you just see your baby smile through the camera? Maybe your little one giggled for the first time. With Evoz, you can snap photos and record clips with the push of a button. This ground-breaking feature allows you to create stunning memories instantly.

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