This fast-charging car mount helps you focus on the road

One of the things technology does for our lives is make it easier. But it can also add complications to everyday things that we never thought about before. We have to keep phones charged no matter where we go, and we're constantly adding one more cord to the barrage of cords we already have.

This fast-charging car mount helps you focus on the road
MagicMount™ hooks onto your car vent for easy placement

One of the most annoying places to have a bunch of extra cords is in the car. You’re trying to drive and keep your phone charged because you’re using it for your GPS. And it’s important to be hands-free while you’re driving. But if your phone is mounted on your dash so you can easily see it, then you have the problem of wires hanging down everywhere. Scosche has solved the dilemma with the MagicMount™ Charge3 Vent Wireless Magnetic Mount.

Say goodbye to cords hanging everywhere and hello to hands-free wireless bliss on that next long car trip. With the MagicMount™, you’ll have your phone within view, within reach, and without the wires, all while keeping it charged. Since we all know how much of a toll those road trips take on your phone with music and GPS going constantly.

This fast-charging car mount won’t get in your way

Many dashboard mounts obstruct your vision while you’re driving. They can be distracting and bulky, and your attention is constantly shifting away from the road. But not with MagicMount™. This handy wireless mount hooks right to your vent, so it’s out of your field of vision and lower on your dashboard.

A picture of a black car dashboard with a smartphone attached to a fast-charging car mount.

Your phone will be in view without distracting you from driving and compromising your safety

You can easily see your device when you want to, but when you need to be focusing on the road, it’s not getting in the way or making you look off to the side. Less distracted driving makes for fewer road incidents, and with the rise in smartphone-related accidents, the fewer distractions, the better.

It doesn’t block air-flow

Sure, there are other vent phone holders. But with the way they hold your phone, airflow is blocked by both the apparatus and your phone. And when it’s super cold outside, you want all that hot air directed at you, not your phone. It’s also not great for all of that heat to be directed right at your phone either.

A rear view of a fast-charging car mount attached to an air vent with blue arrows coming from the air vent it indicate air flow.

MagicMount™ won’t block your airflow, and you’ll stay as cool or as warm as you want

With this magnetic mount, you don’t have to worry about that. All the air you want will be directed right at you so you can feel the wind in your hair while you’re driving. The innovative MagicMount™ design has an open base that allows air to flow through. You’ll have the convenience of a vent mount without the annoyance of the air blockage that normally comes with vent mounts.

You’ll have placement options with this wireless car mount

Another negative aspect of traditional vent mounts is that you’re restricted with where you can put your phone. There’s no way to tilt the phone in a certain direction so that you can avoid screen glare or see your phone more easily. And you can’t drive the best when you’re craning your neck or squinting to see the directions on your phone.

A picture of the backside of a fast-charging car mount attached to an air vent.

This magnetic mount offers 4-axis movement so you can find the angle that best suits you

With this magnetic car mount, your phone attaches to an arm that has 4-axis adjustability with lock-nut positioning. You’ll have countless ways to position your phone, and the lock nut means you’ll be able to keep it just where you want it.

Ditch your annoying charging cord

Charging cords in the car are a seemingly endless hassle. Either you never have enough, or they’re getting in the way of your console. What’s even worse is when one gets stuck in a seat or seat belt, and the cord becomes frayed, or it’s hanging for your device way up on your dashboard mount.

The MagicMount™ Charge3 is a fast-charging car mount that works with your Apple or Samsung Qi-enabled device. It offers 10W of wireless charging power and comes with the MagicPlate™ that goes on your phone. All you have to do is connect your cord to the magnetic mount. Scosche includes cord clips that will keep your cord in place and out of the way.

Your MagicMount™ Charge3 comes with everything you need

Don’t worry about getting your MagicMount™ and then having to order something else to make it work in your car. The set includes everything you need to be wireless, hands-free, and carefree.

  • The Quick Charge USB Car Charger
  • Two options for Magnetic Mounting
  • USB-C™ Charging Cable
  • Two Cable Management Clips

Your device will be safe with MagicMount™

Cheaper products can sometimes damage your device. Many contain lower-quality materials, and their design hasn’t been fully thought-out. With this fast-charging car mount, you won’t need to worry about that. Scosche has taken the safety of your device into consideration with this mount.

A close up view of a smart phone attached to a fast-charging car mount.

This fast-charging car mount will charge you Apple and Samsung Qi-enabled devices

It features powerful neodymium rare-earth magnets. And these magnets are 100% safe for your device. They’ve also incorporated a thermal management gap between the charging head and the device. What this does is ensure your device has cooler charging.

What we ❤️

We love that this fast-charging car mount keeps the cords out of the way. We also love that it keeps you hands-free and driving more safely. We’re fans of anything that helps people drive more safely and alertly. It’s also great that no matter the car you have, you’ll be able to use this vent mount. If your car has air vents, you’re good to go.

What we’d ❤️ to see in future designs

It would be awesome if there were a way to make this device truly wireless, without the need for a cord to be plugged into it at all. Perhaps if there was a way to incorporate a mini solar panel into it that would allow the charging device to keep its own charge.

Get your MagicMount™ Charge3 charger

You can head on over to Scosche’s website and pick up you MagicMount™ for only $79.99. You’ll be glad you purchased a car accessory that will keep you focused on your driving and not on the hassle of where to keep your phone.

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