Which home security cam should you buy?

Just a short time ago, the words "home security" evoked images of gated communities and loud, expensive alarm systems. But with all of our advancements in technology, keeping our homes secure has become easier, and home security has taken on a new meaning.

Which home security cam should you buy?
Ring Elite Video-Monitoring Doorbell

It used to be that to have home security, you needed to live in one of the aforementioned gated communities, or you had to pay a service to come out, assess your home, and then charge you a monthly fee after they got everything set up. Now, we have more options than ever. Of course, you could still do those things if it makes you feel safer, and that’s okay. Or, you can get your own home security cam.

If you have a little bit of tech know-how, it’s pretty easy to set up your own home security system. Most systems have a mostly plug-and-play setup, so you won’t have to worry about hardwiring anything in. Just set it where you want it, set up the app on your phone, connect your device to the Wi-Fi, and start monitoring.

It can be difficult to choose which products will best fit your needs, but we’re here to take some of the guesswork out of it. We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to.

Start with a home security cam for your front door

We’re going to start with the basics. If you’re just dipping your toes into security cams, this is going to be the best place to start. Once you get this set up, you can go from there and decide if you want to enhance your system. These are some of the best in front door security cams.

Ring Peephole Cam Door View Camera

While this gadget looks like a doorbell, it’s not. The Ring Peephole Cam replaces the peephole on your front door, so you can see whoever is out there more easily. It comes in two pieces, with the camera on the outside of the door and battery on the inside. Once someone presses the button on it to ring it like they would a doorbell, you’ll be notified. And since not all people will ring a peephole, this home security cam has a knock sensor too.

Gate Camera Smart Lock

This all-in-one device does a little bit of everything. If you’re looking to replace the lock on your door, now is a fantastic opportunity to replace it with a Gate Camera Smart Lock. This lock features a motion-activated video camera, two-way audio, a doorbell, and an LED PIN pad for keyless access to your home. It connects to your Wi-Fi to notify you when someone is there, so you’ll never be in the dark about who’s at your door. It also records all audio and video interactions.

Ring Elite Video-Monitoring Doorbell

If you’re looking to have a bit more of a secure connection and not rely on your Wi-Fi, there’s the Ring Elite. This doorbell runs on Ethernet, so you’ll have a reliable, hardwired connection and power. You won’t need to worry about batteries dying, or the Wi-Fi being a little spotty near your front door.

Bring your home security inside

Monitoring your home on the inside is just as important as monitoring the outside. There are a plethora of things that can happen in your home, from your kids‘ friend you don’t know, to the babysitter, to someone actually getting inside your home. Plus, we all know you want to see what your dog does when you’re not around. Or, you can monitor that ghost your mom is convinced she has…

Samsung SmartThings Cam Full HD Monitoring Camera

When you get a notice on your phone that someone is in your house, you want it to be a person. Not a cat cleaning itself on the back of the couch. The Samsung SmartThings Cam will help with that. It can tell the difference between an object and a human. It even has a two-way audio feature, so when your kids are eating in the living room when you’re not home, you can be the voice of God telling them to take it back into the kitchen.

blurams Home Pro Intelligent Indoor Camera

This blurams indoor camera is pretty neat. It uses AI facial recognition to notice intruders, so it won’t ping you when your partner or child gets home. And it has a human detection feature, so it can distinguish the difference between an object and a human. It has 1080p Full HD video quality, so you always get a clear picture, and it has night vision capabilities.

D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera 2-Pack

The D-Link Mini HD is small, so you’ll be able to slide it on the bookshelf, and no one will know. You can discreetly monitor any room, and you’ll have a wide view with the 120-degree wide-angle lens. It even has sixteen-foot night vision. Since it comes in a two-pack, you’ll be able to completely monitor one room from multiple angles, or you’ll be able to monitor two different rooms.

Bosma X1 Kit Wide Angle Security Camera

Sure, night vision is great. But this Bosma home security cam gives you night vision in color. You’ll be able to see everything at night just as clearly. And this camera provides a 145-degree viewing angle with 360-degree rotation. That’s pretty awesome.

Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Security Camera

This Wyze security camera is pretty great. It will give you full 360-degree coverage in just three seconds. All you have to do is use the PanScan feature and set the camera’s patrol route with up to four waypoints. It’ll automatically detect and track any motion in its field of vision too. It features six infrared LEDs for clear night vision up to thirty feet away, and it has two-way audio.

Canary Pro All-in-One

The Canary Pro provides total home security. This security device features a 1080p HD camera, a 90-decibel siren, and a built-in climate monitor that keeps track of the temperature, humidity, and air. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. And you’ll have night vision to see what happens after the sun goes down.

A black home security cam is on a table next to a couple of books, keys, and an orange leash.

Image Credit: Canary / The Canary Pro comes equipped with a siren

Outdoor home security cameras offer a third level of protection

Once you have your front door and the inside of your home covered, you’ll want to cover the outside of your house. Outdoor monitoring can be pivotal to warning off intruders or catching someone in the act. Luckily, you have a lot of options that are pretty easy to set up.

Ring HD Spotlight Cam

Ring is one of the top names in home security for a reason. And their Spotlight Cam is a great addition to their lineup. Their site offers a lot of options, from hardwired to solar-powered, to battery-powered. And there’s even a floodlight version for extra light. The Spotlight Cam features two-way audio and motion-activated spotlights, and it has a wide-angle camera lens.

Arlo Pro Rechargeable Wireless Security Camera

The Arlo Pro gives you options. Are you looking to monitor a specific point at the edge of your property, but you don’t have a power source there? No worries. This home security cam can easily be mounted anywhere since it uses rechargeable batteries. Plus, it’s IP65 weather-resistant, so you won’t need to worry about rain, snow, dirt, high, or low temps.

Deep Sentinel Smart Home Surveillance

If you’re looking for even more security, you’re looking for Deep Sentinel Smart Home Surveillance. With this security device, it’ll be practically like have your own security guard watching your house around the clock. It has multiple levels of deterrence, including two-way radio, a loud siren, and strobing lights. It also uses smart HD cameras to set up a virtual perimeter around your property and features a weatherproof design.

As you can see, you can go from mild to wild with choosing a home security cam. If you don’t feel comfortable with cameras in the house, that’s okay. You don’t need them. At a minimum, we’d suggest a doorbell camera to get you started, and then you can go from there. Do you already have any home security devices? Or are you about to start adding an added layer of protection to your home?

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