HP Pavilion x2: The Best Windows 10 Convertible Yet

HP Pavilion x2: The Best Windows 10 Convertible Yet

Another day, another tablet. Every company is in the tablet market nowadays with Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung leading the way. There are a few variations that companies like to shoot for: tablet, work tablet, and convertible. Recently, I’ve been writing more about work tablets, like the iPad Pro, but today, I’m going with a new convertible tablet. It’s called the Pavilion x2 by HP and it looks to be one of the best convertible tablets ever made. It hits all the right points without breaking the bank. Let’s dive in!



The Pavilion x2 isn’t particularly good looking. With the keyboard attached, it looks decidedly askew with the tablet being much thicker and heavier than the keyboard. This results in being a little unstable when being used on your lap but thankfully, this does not translate to using it on a desk. The Pavilion x2 is plastic; that’s the nature of the budget beast. At least it’s sturdy and the keyboard stays attached securely with magnets. The screen also feels the budget nature but it’s still a pretty good screen with good viewing angles and decent color. At $300, the Pavilion x2 really holds its own against comparable devices.

One of the design quirks of the Pavilion x2 actually has a very functional purpose. The thick bezels contain speakers tuned by Bang & Olufsen. Dual front facing speakers are always a welcome addition on a media consumption device and these speakers sound amazing with the added tuning. The keyboard is also worth noting for a solid and stable typing experience, quite like the Surface Pro 4 with how the keyboard slants. A nice touch and, unlike other recent work tablets, the Pavilion x2 comes with the keyboard included as opposed to being an extra expense. Thank you, HP, it means a lot.


What It Does

While the Pavilion x2 looks a bit bulky and focuses on the budget price range, it does a few things pretty well. As far as just the tablet part, it’s actually quite light which will make it easy to hold in one hand for extended periods of time. As far as actually performance, the Pavilion x2 won’t play games or process videos. This is a web browsing, document creating, video streaming device and it does all of these things well. It runs Windows 10 with a fervor not previously found in budget tablets.

Finally, battery life is pretty good; you can expect about 7 hours of battery life for just normal web browsing. For $300, you can’t beat the Pavilion x2.

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