Enjoy Incredible Comfort with the Sento Luxury Bathrobe

Enjoy Incredible Comfort with the Sento Luxury Bathrobe

Even for the most committed early bird, mornings can be a struggle this time of year. Just getting out of bed means tearing yourself away from a cozy cocoon. While your choices are limited on weekday mornings, the weekends offer a little more time to do absolutely nothing. When that lazy mood overtakes you, the Sento Bathrobe will be there to enhance your slothful soul with incredible comfort. Featuring the best of Japanese design, this elegant garment should keep you toasty warm through the winter.

– Luxurious Japanese design with 100% cotton for soft feel

– Two styles to pick from and four colors

– Also available with matching slippers for total comfort

Incredible Comfort

On the coldest of winter mornings, getting showered and dressed is nothing short of traumatic. The idea of revealing your bare skin to the frosty air has all the attraction of being stabbed in the ribs. Whenever possible, this horrendous experience should be avoided, in favor of being a couch potato.

With the Sento Bathrobe, you can breakfast in style and enjoy incredible comfort around the house. This Japanese-style garment fits like the warmest glove you’ve ever worn, with fabric that’s soft on your bare skin. Better still, this bathrobe makes you look like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

[tweet_box]Featuring the best of Japanese design, the elegant Sento Bathrobe should keep you toasty warm through the winter[/tweet_box]

For even greater protection against the cold, you can pair your bathrobe with matching slippers. Welcome to warmth, my friend.

incredible comfort 03

Sento for men and women

Japanese Quality

The traditional western bathrobe is actually an imitation of the robes worn for centuries in Asia. You can think of Sento as a return to those roots.

incredible comfort 06

Japanese style

The style of this snuggly garment is somewhere between a regular bathrobe and a Japanese yukata. The wide sleeves provide ease of movement, and your skin is covered to well below your knees.

The robe itself is made from 100% Japanese cotton. This material is incredibly soft, with long threads that help to wick away moisture.

incredible comfort 07

Soft cotton

Furthermore, the cotton has a higher GSM than regular robes, for a more luxurious feel. The makers of Sento claim that this promotes relaxation. Quite how powerful the stress-busting effects of a heavy robe can be, it’s difficult to say. But at least your comfort levels should be excellent.

incredible comfort 02

Heavy robe for relaxation

Style and Substance

There are two versions of the Sento you can choose from. The quilted version is covered in thick padding, providing good insulation from the cold. Meanwhile, the waffle robes have a textured surface that is more towel-like.

incredible comfort 04

Quilted cotton

You also have a choice of colors. The quilted robes come in navy, black, grey and white, while the waffle robes are white, grey, tan, and navy. For each combination of styles, you can add a matching pair of slippers. It’s like the ultimate comfort kit for human hibernation.

“Meet Sento Bathrobe, a delightful creation of luxury combined with Japanese design and craftsmanship. Durable, yet soft and luxurious design with 100% Japanese cotton. Our materials will aid drying thanks to the intricacy of the weaving. We have created two styles, one made from a textured cotton waffle weave, and the other a quilted cotton filled padding.” — Sento on Kickstarter

incredible comfort 05

Matching Sento slippers

What We ❤

Oriental design and outstanding quality make for a comfy morning.

Future Designs

Imagine a onesie made with this level of craftsmanship…we have to see that!


– Kickstarter: Until February 12th

– Pledge: $79 USD

– Delivery: June 2018

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