Enjoy Natural Luxury with Woodgrain Watches

Enjoy Natural Luxury with Woodgrain Watches

As the science of materials advanced over the past decades, we became obsessed with shiny metals. To this day, featureless aluminum unibody designs hold a special place in our hearts. Likewise, stainless steel became the unthinking choice of watchmakers. But your watch is a very personal item. It should give away something of your personality. The Woodgrain luxury watch collection puts distinctive organic style on your wrist. The beautiful timepieces mix sleek minimalism with beautiful grain. Meanwhile, the movements inside represent the best of Japanese engineering.

– All-wood design including the case and strap; etchings on reverse

– Crystal glass cover, hand-wound and battery versions available

– Three beautiful styles to choose from and multiple dial layouts

Natural Luxury

In its purest form, minimalism is about stripping design back to the bare bones. Your reward for layering white on white should be a dash of black, complemented by gleaming steel. While this fulfills the artistic ambitions of some designers and artists, most of us naturally would opt for something with more character. It’s the difference between mass-produced IKEA furniture and a cherished grandfather clock.

For folks who like both uncluttered design and natural materials, Woodgrain watches deliver the perfect blend. Each model has its own style, but the recurring theme is stunning craftsmanship. The timepieces are made from distinctive woods from around the world, and no two are quite the same.

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If you’re looking for a watch that will always impress, this collection should satisfy your needs.

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Wood Grain by Woodgrain

In some cases, solid wood products can seem more homely than innovative. But you can’t reasonably level this accusation at Woodgrain’s watches.

The collection includes three watches, each with a notably different feel. The Galaxy Series is probably the most spectacular. It has a skeleton design that allows you to see the finely tuned Sea-Gull movement whirring away. This automatic mechanism requires no battery, taking time-keeping back to the reliable basics.

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Behind sapphire crystal glass, the face has a colored outer ring punctuated by bold time markers. You can choose from five color combinations, each with 21 jewels on board.

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In contrast, the New York Series offers a more cosmopolitan feel. The Japan VD53 movement powers six dials, so you can measure the seconds and days.

Unlike the Galaxy Series, this watch does not parade its inner workings. The handsome face is decorated only by clean color; as a result, you can quite easily read the time. Once again, you can choose from five colors.

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Finally, you can opt for the Tokyo Signature Series. Those who choose this option will receive a classical Swiss-style design, complete with hour markers and a small seconds dial. It suits traditionalists, while still offering the unique qualities of exotic wood. This time, you have six color schemes to choose from.

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With all three models, you can choose your favored grain. The selection includes striking zebrawood and dark sandalwood from Africa, and Hawai’ian koa. In addition, Woodgrain uses fiddle-free butterfly clips to secure the wood band.

“At Woodgrain Watches, we’ve done something during the design process that no other watchmaker that we know of has ever done. We’ve allowed customers, just like you to be a huge part in the design and development of your Woodgrain Watch. This should give you massive amounts of confidence in knowing that your watch was made just for you, by people just like you!” — Woodgrain Watches on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Connecting with nature through the medium of time!

Future Designs

While mechanical movements are packed with charm, we would love to see some wood-themed smartwatches!


– Kickstarter: Until September 1st

– Pledge: $139 USD

– Delivery: December 2017

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