This cute inkless printer lets you print right from your phone

Have you ever wished you had a way to print photos, documents, and notes on-the-go? This inkless printer is pocket-sized and connects to your smartphone, letting you print any of your mobile creations. Check out this blog post to find out how this printer can save you money and make you more organized.

This cute inkless printer lets you print right from your phone
PoooliPrinter L1 inkless pocket printer on a pink background

You love your smartphone. But the photos, lists, and documents you create there just stay on the device, never seeing the light of day unless you access them on the screen or print. But since ink is so pricy, you’re likely to print only the essentials. But that’s about to change. The uses no ink whatsoever, and you can fill it with a variety of printer paper types for things like photos and sticky notes. This inkless printer gives you a physical copy of pretty much anything you’d like to actually hold in your hand.

The PoooliPrinter L1 looks like a cute bird with its beak, eye, and feather design. And the beak isn’t just for aesthetics. It’s a detachable magnet that you can use to display your notes, lists, art, and more. It comes in pastel color options like yellow, pink, blue, and green and the entire printer measures just 3.25 inches square. It’s a fun, whimsical design that’s sure to brighten your mood. But most of all, its size is portable, and fits easily in a handbag or backpack. This is ideal for creative professionals, small business owners, busy students, and parents. With these design elements in mind, let’s take a closer look at this cool new gadget.

How does this innovative printer work?

If you’re wondering how this printer prints without ink, you wouldn’t be alone. In fact, this inkless printer uses a process called inkless thermal printing to imprint the image of your choice on the specially designed paper rolls. So no ink is used, and you reduce costs. According to the company’s website, the printer supports black color printing, but with the pink and blue paper rolls, you can also print pink and blue.

PoooliPrinter L1 inkless pocket printer
PoooliPrinter L1 inkless pocket printer images on a blue background

Choose from 30+ types of paper rolls

There are quite a few paper rolls to choose from, including sticky, semi-transparent sticky, washi tape, colored paper, white paper, and sparkly paper. It’s a sizable assortment, so no matter your on-the-go printing needs, there’s probably a paper roll for you. What’s more, after you print up to 100 pictures on one paper roll, just replace it with another one. There are absolutely no printer cartridges or toner to fiddle with and align for this inkless printer.

PoooliPrinter L1 inkless pocket printer in a video

Print pictures in seconds with this pocket-sized printer

Like a Polaroid cameras, the lets you print a picture in just seconds. So at the tap of a digital button on the app, you can have the image you’ve selected in your hands. It’s a great gadget if you work from home because it prints to-do-list and reminders instantly, without wasting ink. Best of all, with this inkless printer’s 1.9-inch width and 200dpi definition, you won’t sacrifice quality for convenience; you’ll get clear, precise images every time. So it’s a pretty powerful printer that you can rely on.

Print whatever you want using the Poooli app

Of course, this inkless printer has its own app. It’s called the Poooli app, and it works on your smartphone or tablet. From there, you can edit and print pictures, images, notes, lists, and much more. Imagine being able to instantly print your selfies or simply organize your desk with notes, reminders, and checklists. Best of all, the app lets you edit any of your creations before you print. So you can add filters, adjust brightness and contrast, rotate, and crop. And even better, you can split any image into several bands. So although you’re limited to 54 mm printing width due to the printer, you can still print full-sized photos. The text editing feature is also quite cool and lets you add speech bubbles, stickers, and other pictures. There’s even a list of fun to-do list templates, which can brighten your workspace.

Choose a printer that’s durable

While this inkless printer is beautifully designed, it’s not just a pretty face. The PoooliPrinter L1 is durable, and the company’s website estimates that it can last from 10–25 years. Which, compared to most electronic products, is an impressive lifespan. Furthermore, this printer is water, scratch, and oil resistant, so that you can expect many years of use and excellent operation.

How does this portable printer connect and charge?

The PoooliPrinter L1 connects to your devices via Bluetooth with its free app. It has a Micro USB port and comes with a USB recharge cable. A full battery should last you for 24 hours. So you won’t have to constantly worry about recharging this inkless printer.

The PoooliPrinter L1 is an innovative printer, perfect for people on-the-go or who want to be more organized. Its thermal printing process is economical and fast, printing out photos, documents, notes, and more in mere seconds. The wide assortment of paper rolls gives you flexibility depending on what you want to print. Finally, the Poooli app makes editing your work easy and fun.

The PoooliPrinter L1 Inkless Pocket Printer costs $59.95, and you can buy it on the company’s . Would you use a portable, inkless printer? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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