This innovative spray bottle is what you want in your cleaning cupboard

Tired of cheap spray bottles that break easily and don't give you good coverage? The PIVOT reinvented spray bottle is different. Its pivoting sprayer moves in 180° and prevents chemical waste. Check out this blog post to learn more about this cool new spray bottle.

This innovative spray bottle is what you want in your cleaning cupboard
PIVOT reinvented spray bottle in a person’s hands

Maybe this has happened to you: you’re trying to spritz your shirt with stain remover quickly before the stain sets in, and the liquid just won’t come out of the bottle. You pump the handle a few thousand times until the spray is finally loaded with enough liquid for a decent spray. How much easier would this task be if you had a spray bottle made of high-quality materials and that worked right away? That’s the hangup the PIVOT reinvented spray bottle hopes to solve. This innovative spray bottle maximizes every single drop of liquid, and it even has a pivoting sprayer for a more comfortable wrist position.

Spray bottles have been around since the early 20th century. And, according to PIVOT’s Kickstarter page, not many innovations have been made to them since. In fact, most modifications have focused on producing spray bottles more cheaply, which, in turn, has downgraded their quality. For this reason, consumers are more likely to throw old bottles away instead of reusing them since they weren’t designed to last in the first place. PIVOT, on the other hand, has been thoughtfully created. It has a pivoting trigger sprayer, giving you the ideal spray no matter the angle you hold the bottle. Plus, it features an ergonomic design, focused spray, and much more. This is the spray bottle you’re going to want for your cleaning closet.

Check out this pivoting trigger sprayer

This innovative spray bottle is a pretty cool product. Its sprayer is patented and pivots 180° while the bottle stays in a level position. This allows you to get perfect flow at any angle. So even if you need to tilt the sprayer to its lowest position, you’ll still get a powerful, steady spray. Try doing that with the typical commercial sprayers, and the spray will probably stop because you’ve tilted the liquid to the top of the bottle.

Reduce your chemical and plastic waste

With this spray bottle, you won’t have to throw out bottles with chemicals still inside of them. That’s because, with PIVOT, you won’t have to constantly prime or excessively pump so there won’t be as much chemical wasted. And with its high-quality design, this is a sprayer you’re going to want to keep for years instead of throwing out. So you won’t be throwing it away and filling up the landfills.

Enjoy a more compact cleaner

Another problem with typical spray bottles is that they’re taller than they need to be. This leads them to fall over in your cleaning caddy and take up space in transit to stores. But the PIVOT is about 30% shorter than most spray bottles. So it can help increase transportation payloads and retail shelf space compared to ordinary 32 oz spray bottles.

Saturate the surfaces you need to disinfect

Commerical spray bottles also often don’t have a spray that evenly douses the areas you want to disinfect. And that’s a problem when you want to make sure your home is germ-free. This innovative spray bottle, on the other hand, has a high-output sprayer. It holds 32 oz of fluid and blasts 2.5 ml with each stroke. So you can be sure that the surfaces you need to clean will get the amount of disinfectant they need with this home cleaning gadget.

Stay comfortable with the ergonomic design

Another great feature of this innovative cleaning product is its ergonomic design. The pivoting trigger head automatically readjusts the bottle’s weight beneath your hand to reduce fatigue and strain on your wrist while you spray. The grip is also molded, giving you a better fit for your hand at all angles. Can cleaning be a comfortable experience? It certainly can be with this innovative spray bottle.

PIVOT spray bottle resists chemicals

You won’t have to worry about this innovative spray bottle corroding from contact with harsh chemicals. It features super-tough materials such as HDPE, Polypropylene, and Viton so that you can be sure you’ll get industrial-level quality and long use. It’s just the product you want, helping you out around the home or the garage.

Breathe easier with the child safety lock

Every parent’s worst nightmare is their toddler or young child getting ahold of a cleaning bottle with dangerous chemicals. PIVOT has an answer for that, too, with its high-quality child safety lock. The spray head is lockable and helps prevent curious children from engaging the trigger and exposing themselves to chemicals.

The PIVOT reinvented spray bottle sure is an upgrade to most commercial spray bottles. It has a posable sprayer head that allows you to spray at 180° while maintaining a strong, even output. Its design also minimizes strain on your hand while you spray. Finally, it takes up less space on your shelves than those at the grocery store. If you’re looking for a way to maximize your use of chemicals and make the whole cleaning process easier, this product is the way to go.

The PIVOT reinvented spray bottle costs $30, and you can preorder it on Kickstarter. What are your favorite eco-friendly products for keeping your home clean? Tell us about them in the comment section.

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