The IvoryBoard Electric Skateboard Gets Top Marks for Performance

The IvoryBoard Electric Skateboard Gets Top Marks for Performance

Short-term transportation is something most city-dwellers deal with every day. Whether you drive or take public transportation, you’re often met with traffic, crowding, and the cost of travel. The worst part is that you have no control over delays. This is where the IvoryBoard comes in. This high-performance electric skateboard:
– uses two powerful motors
– reaches up to 25mph
– handles inclines up to 30%
– remains affordable

The IvoryBoard is the instant solution to all of your commuter woes. Even if you don’t have a commute, it’s the optimum way to get from A to B.

High Performance Electric Skateboard

Don’t let the affordability of this skateboard fool you, the IvoryBoard ranks among the best performing boards on the market. Concealed under the bamboo are two powerful hub motors. With this power, the IvoryBoard reaches a maximum speed of 25mph so you can zip through traffic. In addition, it can handle inclines of up to 30% with ease. Using the included remote, users can switch between Low and High power modes. Complete with front lights, you can take the IvoryBoard anywhere, anytime.

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Innovative Technology Built In

Incredibly, the IvoryBoard also features regenerative braking. This means that the board actually recharges each time you brake. The lithium ion battery takes just two hours to charge. To be even more convenient, the IvoryBoard has a swappable battery feature. With this, you can easily store a spare in your bag for the times you have a longer journey.

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Built to Ride

The IvoryBoard isn’t all about speed; it’s also super safe and durable. The bamboo board also features fiber glass for extra flexibility and stability. In addition, the motor and battery are waterproof to make every journey a breeze.

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What We Love

This board is an all-in-one solution for short-term transportation and commutes. We love that it’s eco-friendly – not to mention the affordable price tag.

Future Improvements

The only thing we could possibly add is already in the works. The IvoryBoard app, which will show you how much power is left and more, is awaiting safety tests for both iOS and Android.

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Kickstarter: until March 22nd
– Pledge: ~$700
– Delivery: April 2017

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