Make Your Music Experience Smarter With Aivvy Q Headphones

Make Your Music Experience Smarter With Aivvy Q Headphones

Many of you must have already tried or are on the verge of switching to wireless headphones in order to get rid of that wire mess. But keeping aside this fact that makes wireless headphones a real savior for most music enthusiasts, you can’t deny that they still lack in performance. By performance I don’t mean sound quality alone which is quite impressive in most of the latest releases. What I want to focus here is the fact that we are still prone to using our wireless headphones only if we pair them up with our smartphone. This sadly takes us back to relying on our smartphone batteries which (no matter how much you try!) always drain off after a while.

Being a music lover, I hate to keep my headphones aside just because my smartphone went dead on the road! And to charge it every now and then is another big headache. So, naturally when I came across the Aivvy Q headphones, I felt as if this is what I want. A standalone headphone with over 40 million songs taking control of my everyday music experience without having to bother about how much power you have in your smartphone on the go. This isn’t just another new entry in the world of headphones everyone – It is the first of its kind – The first IoT headphone!

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A Personal DJ For Your Ears

Aivvy Q offers an all-in-one device inside a beautifully designed headphone which can take control of your music needs no matter where you go. It’s simple and works instantly when you put them on. More like a personal DJ you can carry with you all the time which will not only play music but also learn your preferences over time. The more you use Aivvy Q, the more you’ll get to experience all that technology it has in store. Coming from an innovative team spanning the world, Aivvy Q sets forth to push the boundaries of user experience and makes your simple headphones a lot more than an ordinary device.

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3 Simple Actions to Control

To take control of Aivvy Q, you just have to follow 3 simple actions – Tap, Swipe and Turn. Tapping on the built-in trackpad will help you bookmark songs you like. You can always swipe forward in order to skip a song anytime. Finally, to change between channels, you just have to turn the channel ring. Aivvy Q will learn your preferences based on location and time which will help it to cater your music needs over time.

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It’s an independent player without any cords and wires which starts playing when you put them on and pauses music when you take them off from your ears. By using the corresponding mobile app, you can see the current song that’s playing as well as set up your favorite music channels. You can also sync your Aivvy with the Aivvy Cloud which works as a recommendation engine to pull more music you’ll love from a library of millions of songs.

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40 Hours of Battery Life

Whenever you’re charging Aivvy Q, the music library will automatically be updated for you. It comes with a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that enables up to 40 hours of battery life on continuous playing. Charging takes up to 3 hours from empty to full. The use of premium quality materials and active noise cancellation features only makes the experience even better for music lovers. I quite agree with TechHive on calling Aivvy Q as the Pandora for wireless headphones.

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Having already had a successful Kickstarter campaign, Aivvy Q is now on the works with an estimated delivery by Oct, 2015. It’s available for a pre-order price of $299 where you’ll be getting one year of streaming service free. Get them in either white, black or brown colors and take your music experience to an unexplored level altogether. Happy Gadgeting!

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