Mi Air Charge can power your phone from up to several meters away

Welcome a smarter and more convenient way of charging your phone with the Mi Air Charge. This wireless charger is a static station that requires zero contact with your device, and I'll even continue an efficient charge through objects. Explore today's blog for more details.

Mi Air Charge can power your phone from up to several meters away
Mi Air Charge design

In a digital era where everything’s becoming wireless, chargers might be experiencing an upgrade, too. Xiaomi has introduced a gadget that can charge your phone across the room without any cords involved. Mi Air Charge will charge multiple devices from several meters away, and it’ll automatically track the chosen device so you can walk around with it in your pocket while it charges.

Provides a 5W charge to your smartphone

Sometimes you can be so busy answering emails on your phone, ordering groceries, or expecting an important phone call that you can’t spare an hour to leave your phone unattended to charge. Although wireless chargers are a convenient way of boosting your phone’s battery, they still require limiting your screentime.

The Mi Air Charge provides a 5W charge to your smartphone, which might be three times less powerful than the Apple MagSafe Charger, but you can still scroll the internet and keep your phone with you while it’s charging. Best of all, there are no cords involved, so you won’t feel restricted.

Mi Air Charge

Mi Air Charge up close

Charges through objects in its way

Mi Air Charge can accurately detect your smartphone’s location to continue charging your device while you’re walking around. This technology is all thanks to the built-in five-phase interference antennas. And 144 antennas transmit millimeter-wide waves directly to your phone through beamforming. This allows your phone to receive millimeter waves that connect to electrical energy. This advanced technology allows you to detach your phone from the charging station.

In fact, these signals produce a five-watt charge for a single device within several meters. And the Mi Air Charge continues charging your device even through physical obstacles. Therefore, you won’t have to readjust your living room to avoid furniture blocking the waves and minimizing the charging efficiency.

Mi Air Charge

Mi Air Charge with a phone

Charges multiple devices at once

And if Xiaomi’s latest invention isn’t impressive enough, it can also charge multiple devices simultaneously—each with a five-watt charge. In fact, its technology is compatible with smartwatches and fitness bracelets in a bid to make technology more wireless. This means you don’t have to purchase multiple chargers for one household while also preventing arguments over prioritizing charging.

We’re excited for Xiaomi to share this wireless charger’s release date and price. It’s rumored that it’ll be on sale next year, though we’ll keep you posted.

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