Must-have hiking and camping gear for this summer

Whether you’re into camping, glamping, or simply hiking and then staying at a hotel, summer is the season to live it up in the great outdoors. Before you set out on your next adventure, make sure you have this must-have hiking and camping gear so you can enjoy every moment.

Must-have hiking and camping gear for this summer
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Summer is absolutely the time to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest. Whether you are headed out to a drive-up campsite or enjoy hiking to a vista, there’s plenty of gear you need to make sure your adventure goes smoothly. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled all the must-have hiking and camping gear you need for this summer.

Carbi 1500 Lumen Headlamp

For those who adventure at any time of day, this powerful headlight is for you. It uses remote phosphors to create an ambient light, eliminating tunnel effect. This means that you get a fully lit view, so you can see all your surroundings. The 210-degree field of view will help you feel safer when you’re on your next climbing expedition. And because the 1500 lumen light lets you see up to 150 meters away, you can use this strong headlamp even in the darkest of caves.

Zenbivy Bed Backcountry Sleeping Bag

This camping accessory features a freestyle design, allowing you to sleep in any position. Compact and lightweight, Zenbivy Bed is ideal for anyone who wants to travel light yet achieve total comfort. Offering seamless hood and pillow integration, you never have to worry about the pillow sliding around. Similarly, the straps and fitted sheets firmly secure to the pad. Thanks to the left and right side zippers, you can enter the Zenbivy Bed from either side or unzip it completely.

HydraPak Expedition 8-Liter Water Storage Bladder

This water bladder packs down very small, so it’s easy to carry with you in your backpack. With this water storage, you’ll be able to load up on fresh water from the nearby stream and easily bring it back to camp. Additionally, you just have to empty, flatten, and roll this water bladder to pack it up. And it won’t unroll because you can use the included tether to keep it wrapped up. This bladder is built with a handle that makes it easy to carry or hang, making it perfect for outdoor showers, too.

Anker Powerhouse 200 Portable Charging Station

The small generator comes with four types of outlets: USB, USB-C, AC, and a twelve-volt car outlet. Its high-capacity battery can charge your smartphone over twelve times or your laptop over five. On top of this, the device is chargeable via solar power. This means you can power your devices all day, whether you’re hiking or on the beach. It’s also small enough to carry with one hand, so you won’t have to lug some giant generator with you on your next camping trip.

Coros VERTIX GPS Outdoor Adventure Watch

This battery of this GPS watch will last for up to 45 days when you use it regularly, giving you full access for even a weekend-long adventure. And, even if you’re using Full GPS mode, it lasts 60 hours. Additionally, this VERTIX can endure the elements. Its corrosion-free titanium frame makes it lightweight and durable, and the sapphire glass screen is almost impossible to scratch. Plus, the strap is silicone, so you won’t deal with frozen fabric or cracked leather.

Subtech Sports Drycase Outdoor Laptop Case

If you need to bring your laptop on the go, make sure you have this case for protection. It can handle getting splashed, and it’s shockproof and water-resistant. Some water dropped on it will be fine, and it can protect your laptop from humidity. It also means that the semi-hard case will protect it from bumps. So with the Drycase, you don’t have to hold back. If you’re an avid adventurer, and you need to take your computer with you, do so in the Drycase.

UCO 5-Piece Bamboo Elements Mess Kit

Combining a bowl with a lid and a Switch Spork Utensil Set, this all-in-one design has everything you need for your on-the-go meals. The utensils can be used separately or combined to form a long spoon or fork. And, the non-plastic Mess Kit is made from 90% natural materials, of which 75% is bamboo fiber. Complete with handles for extra grip, the tether and eyelets on the Spork keep everything together. Totally leak-proof, the Mess Kit keeps your food sealed inside.

AVO Dry Bag Bold Multiuse Backpack

The AVO Dry Bag Bold Multiuse Backpack is for both the outdoor adventurer and the city dweller who need a durable everyday backpack. Of course, the AVO is completely waterproof. But it’s also reflective, ensuring you stay seen on wilderness trails. This stylish dry bag is also completely airtight, so even if you’re caught in a rainstorm on the side of a mountain, your devices remain dry. Additionally, this bold dry bag has a detachable carry sleeve to keep your laptop or tablet safe.

Bear Bowl Foldable Camp Cooking Pot

These folding camping pots are cooking pots that fold completely flat, making them super easy to pack and transport. They come in three sizes: Baby Bear (32 oz.), Mama Bear (64 oz), and Papa Bear (128 oz.). Additionally, these foldable pots are lightweight—the Papa Bear weighs just 14.5 ounces. On top of that, they can hold quite a bit, as the Papa Bear’s capacity is up to a gallon. These pots are also useful as a sink for dishwashing in the wild. They’re also made of food-grade PTFE-coated fiberglass, and they can last almost forever.

Treem Flat Lay Hammock

Featuring an innovative bridge design, this accessory allows you to lie horizontally on it no matter where your adventures take you. Designed to enhance outdoor comfort, Treem easily attaches to two trees so you can lie down and enjoy your surroundings. Incredibly stable, the Treem hammock comes with two spreader bars, suspension ropes, rigging rings, and four tree hugger straps. It attaches to two trees but has a four connection system so it’s impressively stable for total security and less chance of flipping.

UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit

Featuring a waterproof and windproof design, this survival tool ensures you always have access to fire. The UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit includes long-burning matches that can keep up with your adventures. Over four inches long, Titan matches can burn for up to 25 seconds. And thanks to its extended length, you don’t have to worry about the matches burning your fingertips. The matches easily fire up in even the harshest conditions. In fact, they can be relit after they get wet or are submerged in water.

Which one of these are you grabbing for your next adventure in the great outdoors? Share with us in the comments below.

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