Get real-time brain wave feedback while gaming with this wearable

Introducing neuroLeet—an EEG brain-training wearable that tracks when you're stressed and focused when gaming. Best of all, it provides you with a comprehensive report on your brain activity. Read today's blog to explore more key features.

Get real-time brain wave feedback while gaming with this wearable
neuroLeet EEG brain-training wearable in use

Have you ever been under the impression that you’re either a good gamer or a poor one? Well, now you can develop your skills with the neuroLeet. This wearable trains your brain to help you improve your gaming skills, so you can perform better, focus more, and think on the spot. This brain-training device provides you with real-time brainwave feedback to train your brain for a better game.

Benefits of wearing this brain-training device

If you’re a competitive gamer, you want to continuously be the best and make advanced improvements with every gaming session. Repeating gameplay isn’t the best strategy for these results. Fortunately, the neuroLeet can help you master your focus and self-control. It’ll also help you obtain a better mental performance, and boost your skills and visual memory.

This gaming wearable assesses brainwave feedback—a process called EEG that measures brain activity through electrical signals. This wearable uses gyros to detect your physical state in real-time. So while you’re indulging in intense games, the neuroLeet takes these measurements without you realizing—and with no pain involved.


neuroLeet on a person

Analyzes your brain’s behavior in real-time

The neuroLeet includes software that analyzes your brain patterns while you’re gaming—identifying your mental strength and weaknesses. Therefore, you can celebrate your triumphs while focusing on improvements.

Helps you to improve your brain function

Best of all, this gaming wearable doesn’t just tell you what improvements to make, but it guides you with interactive training sessions. And you can follow your progress to ensure that you’re continuously developing. These interactive training sessions will help you to reach the desired state of mind faster. In fact, these sessions are specific to your brain activity, so you’ll receive a personalized program to suit you.

When you enter the desired state of mind, neuroLeet will reward you with visual and auditory feedback. This is the most significant part of the training process so that you can continually improve. You’ll then receive a full report on your mental performance, including when you’re focused and stressed. The gadget will keep a log of your day-to-day performance and share your progress over time.


neuroLeet on a table

Finally, the neuroLeet has a compact design that’s comfortable to wear. Simply attach it to your gaming headset, and you’ll barely notice it’s on top.

Pre-order the neuroLeet EEG brain-training device today on Indiegogo for $224.54. Is this something that excites you? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

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