Never miss a friend with this social media managing app

Connect with friends and colleagues more easily with the Roomsend social media managing app. It lets you get everyone's social media information at once.

Never miss a friend with this social media managing app
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Connect with friends and colleagues more easily when you have a social media managing app. Because from Twitter to Facebook and Snapchat to TikTok, there are so many social media apps, getting friends’ social media information is daunting. So wouldn’t it be great if you could access everything from one app?

That’s where Roomsend comes in. This browser-based application makes it easy to connect with people without the legwork that is typically required. You might have made it your goal to be more social in 2020, but that’s a bit difficult right now. Especially since you didn’t get all of your new friends’ and coworkers’ information. But once you’re able to see them again, wouldn’t it be great to have an app that would allow you to easily get all of their information at once?

And now that people are getting more social again, wouldn’t it be great to have a way to get everyone’s information without handing over your phone or having to get super close to someone?

Get everyone’s social media information at once

Ah, the joys of starting a new job. It’s exciting, and there is so much to learn. And everything is fun when it’s new. But not only do you have a new job to learn, but you also have all of the new people to learn and find on social media. It’s fine if it’s just a simple Facebook friend request. But what if there are more apps?

Most people have multiple social media accounts, and they handle them differently. So you’re not just going to want to do one. You’ll want to connect with their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok…and the list can go on. And you’re bound to miss something. But with the Roomsend social media managing app, you won’t need to worry about that anymore.

Never miss a friend with this social media managing app
Roomsend screenshot

All you need to do is use the open web browser in the app, and Roomsend will use GPS to collect everyone else’s information automatically. You can access all of your accounts from one place to send and receive friend requests without the typical ordeal that comes with friending people on their social accounts.

Never miss an opportunity again with Roomsend

Being friends with certain people on social media can have a direct impact on opportunities that come your way. If you missed that chance to friend the CEO on Facebook, you could miss something important that could help you out in your career.

If you’re a brand manager or influencer, it’s imperative you have all of the friends and followers you can possibly have. Because those numbers and those people have a direct impact on your earning potential. Do you want to advertise with the person who has 1,000 followers, or do you want to advertise with the person who has 1,000,000 followers?

Make new friends more easily

It’s hard when you move to a new place or start at a new school. You want to become as comfortable as you can as soon as you can. And if you have the chance to hit up a party, your goal is probably to make as many friends there as you can. But it can be easy to miss out. And no one wants to stop a conversation that’s flowing to go through all of your social media accounts, search for someone, and then follow them or friend request them.

Roomsend social media managing app
Roomsend in use

That’s a lot to do for one person, let alone if you’re sitting in a group of people and you need to gather that information for all of them. Now, all you have to do is open your phone and let Roomsend use GPS to do all the work for you. How much more convenient is that? We love that Roomsend makes it easier to connect with people and all of their social media accounts. It can be a real pain to gather all of that information.

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