The new Dexquisite e-bike makes its own power

For centuries, inventors have tried to create a vehicle that could be powered without burning fuel. Dexquisite DX is a new e-bike that finally solves this problem by making its own energy from your pedal power.

The new Dexquisite e-bike makes its own power
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  • Can you replace your car with an e-bike? If you live in a city, you probably could. Many e-bikes have the range to cover any urban trip.
  • Which e-bike has the longest range? Because Dexquisite DX generates its own power, the range is technically limitless.

There are many benefits to cycling rather than driving around your city. In the mornings, traffic can slow you down; on a bike, you miss the gridlock. Bike ownership is also much cheaper, and riding a bike is better for your health than pushing the gas pedal.

Of course, cycling can be hard work. That’s why e-bikes have become so popular. These rides assist your efforts using electric motors. While some e-bikes can only offer a few miles of support, Dexquisite DX can keep going all day thanks to regenerative self-charging technology. In simple terms, this new e-bike makes its own power.

How does an e-bike create its own power?

Anyone who has studied basic physics knows that energy cannot be created or destroyed — only transferred.

Energy from food allows you to pedal, which turns your efforts into forward propulsion. Regenerative self-charging technology then captures energy from your forward momentum for later use.

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Dexquisite puts your hard work to good use

With Dexquisite DX, you generate power while you’re cycling along or coasting downhill. This extra energy is added to the built-in battery, which holds enough juice for 40 miles of assisted cycling.

A fresh new e-bike

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Dexquisite is perfect for commuters

Even if you put the regenerative self-charging to one side, Dexquisite DX is covered in great features.

The new e-bike has a 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, with front and rear hydraulic suspension. Dexquisite DX folds for storage in just seven seconds, but it’s strong enough to support 300 pounds.

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You can easily go off road with Dexquisite

On the road, hydraulic disc brakes help you stop smartly in all conditions. You also get a seven-speed Shimano gear selector, while the built-in LCD screen lets you choose from nine levels of electric assistance.

[tweet_box]While some e-bikes can only offer a few miles of support, Dexquisite DX can keep going all day thanks to regenerative self-charging technology[/tweet_box]

If that wasn’t enough, Dexquisite DX can even charge your USB devices while you ride along — perfect for when you forget to plug in your phone overnight.

Affordable ride

Dexquisite offers three versions: DX, DX+ and DX500. These range from $777 to $1,499.

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The new e-bike is remarkably affordable

The extra money gets you a longer range, a more powerful motor, a higher top speed, and throttle control. However, even the top spec is very affordable for commuters.

“Using a direct-to-consumer model, we cut various middlemen standing between the product and the customer. This way, by avoiding all the intermediaries, we can offer our high-quality DX e-bikes at a fraction of the price of traditional retailers.” — Dexquisite on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

This new e-bike offers a breakthrough for urban riders. The regenerative self-charging technology means you can keep on cycling, even after your legs get tired.

Limited edition

Along with the standard matte black Dexquisite bikes, you can grab a hand-painted limited edition with this Kickstarter. It looks pretty sweet.


– Kickstarter: Until July 31st

– Pledge: $777 USD

– Delivery: November 2019

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