NordicTrack Vault is a home workout system that includes all the gym equipment you need

Get fit at home while having the support of professional trainers with the NordicTrack Vault. This home workout system includes dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands to provide challenging workouts from the comfort of your home. Keep reading to explore home.

NordicTrack Vault is a home workout system that includes all the gym equipment you need
NordicTrack Vault home workout system in use

NordicTrack announced at CES 2021 that they’ll be releasing a new home fitness system: Vault. This differs from others we’ve seen this year, as it consists of a rotating 60-inch by 22-inch mirror, so you can track your form.

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And it features a 32-inch touchscreen navigation, enabling you to exercise with iFit trainers and engage in preplanned workout programs.

Check your form with a mirrored design

During the pandemic, lots of companies (Peloton, Mirror, Tempo, etc.,) have released home workout plans and systems. But the NordicTrack Vault differs in that it boasts a mirrored design. Its 60-inch mirror lets you check your form while you’re exercising. This also prevents you from having to purchase an additional mirror that could look cluttered in your living space. And for the best results and safety measures, Vault provides immediate visual feedback. Therefore, you can continually work on your form in real-time. 

NordicTrack Vault

NordicTrack Vault with a man

Receive all the gym equipment you need

The NordicTrack Vault includes plenty of gym equipment to help you receive an effective workout every time. This includes six pairs of dumbbells (weighing five to 30 pounds) and two kettlebells (weighing 20 and 30 pounds). You’ll also receive three resistance bands, three superbands, a free 12-month iFit subscription (valued at $468 after that), and a towel.

With all of this equipment, you’ll need somewhere to store it. Fortunately, this home workout system acts as a freestanding storage space to keep your weights ready for use. And with all of this pressure on the Vault, it’s designed with a heavy base to keep it steady and prevent it from tipping.

NordicTrack Vault

NordicTrack Vault with a woman

Get fit with access to iFit exercising programs

Some people find it hard to get motivated for home workouts. Fortunately, NordicTrack includes access to iFit trainers and a plethora of training programs. This includes: strength training, yoga, Pilates, interval training, and bodyweight training. Furthermore, you’ll have access to a trainer, all of which you can select through the built-in touchscreen. And for a fitness push, you can follow an entire training program, where each session will intensity and focus on a specific area of the body. This is great for times when you’ve had a break from exercising.

Getting fit might be one of the best things you can do for yourself in 2021. Whether you need a new set of gym equipment or access to challenging home workouts, the NordicTrack Vault will get your heart racing. It’s suitable for beginners to advanced users, and you can adjust the intensity levels at any time. It features a safety strap and mounting hardware to securely attach to your wall to prevent it from tipping while storing the weights.

Preorder this home workout system for $1,999. What are some ways you plan on staying healthy this year? Share your tips in the comments.

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