The ultimate fitness apps guide you need for your smart home gym

Get fit and smash your workout goals from home with the best leading fitness apps in 2021. Eliminate demotivation and push your workouts to new heights with these top fitness apps.

The ultimate fitness apps guide you need for your smart home gym
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If you’re looking for new ways to get fit, switching your focus to another regime or place can work. But if the challenge is needing guidance to offer professional tips and motivate you to put 100 % into your workouts, fitness apps are a great resource.

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We’ve discovered the top ultimate fitness apps to complement a smart home gym. But you can also use these apps without any equipment.

Pilates Anytime Fitness App

Best for: Jumpstarting your Pilates routine

Price: $18 monthly

Pilates Anytime gives you unlimited access to over 3,400 Pilates videos with new videos released weekly. Filter the workouts to the equipment you have to hand—a mat, weights, or bands. Therefore, you can incorporate any of your smart gym equipment into your routine. Or set yourself new challenges by following a stitch fitness program for a guided practice. For example, the Rise & Recharge program is a four-week course designed to challenge your Pilates ability.

Moreover, Pilates Anytime also offers self-care programs to help you relieve tension and stress. This includes 21 Days of Self-Care, Back Pain, and Return to You. You can even download the programs in advance to use them offline when you wish. Furthermore, this fitness app uses over 150 of the industry’s best teachers, so you know you’re receiving the best possible training.

Sworkit Fitness App

Best for: Customizing your workout

Price: $9.99 monthly

Sworkit‘s app is easy to use with a simple interface that has clear regimes and targets already set for you. Choose from Cardio, Strength, Yoga, or Stretching to begin your fitness journey. The app includes a large variety of 400 unique workouts and over 900 exercises, so you’ll never get bored for choice. You can even choose the amount of time you have to workout and Sworkit will tailor the workout to suit you.

Each regime shares the remaining time for each set and the audio timer keeps you notified for workouts where you can’t look at your phone at the same time. Best of all, Sworkit lets you pre-set the moves you want to see, so you can design your own workout. This is great for times when you want to combine Pilates, cardio, weights, and stretching into one unified workout.

ultimate fitness apps

Sworkit workout

Apple Fitness+ Fitness App

Best for: Pairing with your Apple Watch

Price: $9.99 monthly

Apple Fitness+ lets you get the most out of your workout on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. This service includes workouts designed for beginners and requires an Apple Watch. Using the watch, you can measure your heart rate, the number of calories burned, and more. The panel provides a plethora of workout programs so you spend less time searching and more time exercising. Plus, you can select a duration that suits the amount of time you have—from as little as five minutes up to 45 minutes.

Tailor the workout with your favorite trainer and type of music you prefer, too. In fact, the editors at Apple Music work carefully to create the best possible playlist to get you moving. And this fitness service also includes the Time to Walk feature.

Glo Fitness App

Best for: Live classes

Price: $18 monthly

Glo wants to support your Yoga Pilates, and HIIT goals with live online classes to stay motivated and connected with highly trained practitioners from around the world. This fitness app offers over 4,000 classes on-demand with a range of workouts, and you can even download your favorite classes in advance if you get poor signal in your smart home gym.

Furthermore, Glo asks you simple questions on sign-up to personalize your practice to your goals and levels. In fact, it also provides 16 styles for any level, so even if you’re a beginner, there’s plenty to achieve.

Fiit Fitness App

Best for: Smart training to track your metrics

Price: £20 (around $28) monthly

Fiit lets you connect a Fitbit, Apple Watch, MyZone, and more smart devices to the app, so you can track your progress, challenge your personal bests, train with others on a leaderboard, and collect Fiit points. In fact, this fitness app also provides group workouts with live leaderboards up to 60 times a day. And you can even create a private class with other Fiit members.

Fiit breaks its classes down into 25- and 40-minute options, difficulty levels, targeted body part, and type. Your monthly membership provides access to over 600 classes and more than 20 training plans. In particular, you’ll receive unlimited access to strength training, weight training, Pilates, Yoga, and even breathwork.

Les Mills Fitness App

Best for: Access to over 1,000 classes

Price: $14.99 monthly

If you’re no fitness beginner and are missing gym classes, Les Mills is one of the ultimate fitness apps for you. Receive access to more than 1,000 classes and workouts that range from 15–55 minutes in length. With this amount of workouts to hand, you’ll never become bored or unmotivated to work out. Your subscription also includes 16 training programs divided into core, HIIT, and fitness workouts: BodyAttack, BodyBalance, BodyCombat, BodyJam, Les Mills Grit Strength, and more.

The app even includes youth classes specifically designed to get children from ages two+ up and moving. In fact, the youth section is divided into age categories, so you can encourage your little ones to get fit from a young age. Furthermore, Les Mills includes cycling and dance workouts, so you can incorporate your smart gym equipment or simply have some fun while blasting calories.

Fitbit Premium Fitness App

Best for: Connecting to a Fitbit and tracking progress

Price: £7.99 (around $11) monthly

Although you don’t need a Fitbit to make the most of Fitbit Premium, owning one is preferred. This fitness app provides access to hundreds of video and audio workouts and mindfulness programs to help calm your mind and wind down for sleep. Fitbit Premium also includes guided programs to build healthy habits, such as breathing exercises, eating mindfully, and more. You’ll also receive access to 250 on-demand workouts, as well as a generous 90-day free trial.

Furthermore, you can track your activity, weight, sleep, and nutrition with your Fitbit and analyze your program within the app. And if you. upgrade to Premium + Health Coaching, you’ll have access to a coach where you can send secure one-on-one messages within the Fitbit app.

Wondercise Fitness App

Best for: Live progress tracking

Price: $4.99 monthly

Pair Wondercise with an Apple Watch to track your workouts and progress with the app. Alternatively, purchase a Wondercise tracker band, which uses an intelligent tracking system and a unique patented algorithm, so you can see your score each time you work out. Impressively, you’ll see your live motion and data immediately on the screen, allowing you to make any adjustments and push yourself harder.

In addition, Wondercise boasts hundreds of online training courses and customized recommendations. Whether you want to burn fat, increase muscle mass, or relax, Wondercise can create a customized plan for you.

Eastnine Fitness App

Best for: If you’re stuck for time

Price: Free

Eastnine provides hundreds of HIIT, strength, stretch, and running workouts with new workouts added weekly. Although this fitness app once focused primarily on running workouts, they’ve recently added home workouts to the program, along with nutritional advice and tips to get you moving. If you find that you’re not exercising enough because of a busy lifestyle, Eastnine offers tailored workout programs that are flexible.

It’s also worth downloading if your end goal is to get out running. In particular, the app offers 20 different variations of short and long runs, so it’s a great all-rounder for exercising indoors and outdoors. There’s also talk that the app is developing audio sessions to tailor for those who want to take some time away from the screen or listen to motivational advice.

Apativ Fitness App

Best for: Audio workouts

Price: $15 monthly

If you want to exercise without looking at a screen, Apativ offers audio workouts that you can follow. Using an audio workout allows you to focus on your form in a mirror and listen to motivational advice as the spoken word is the emphasis. In fact, the dedicated trainers provide you with techniques, tips, and encouragement to help you obtain real results at home. Moreover, Apativ includes fresh hits and classic tracks in every genre that are perfectly paced to your workout. This is the perfect way to discover new songs while working out.

Furthermore, Apative offers thousands of workouts with new ones released every week, so you’ll never become bored of exercising. The workouts include: strength training, Yoga, HIIT, along with running and elliptical training—which is great if you have a plethora of equipment in your smart home gym.

Asana Rebel Fitness App

Best for: An overall healthier lifestyle

Price: $9.99 monthly

Asana Rebel is a healthy lifestyle app that lets you dive into a plethora of workout plans from strength building to Yoga to HIIT. This fitness app also includes a meditation and unwinding section with guided meditations to help you fall asleep and relax after a stressful day or tough workout. During the signup process, you’ll be asked about your goal(s) from the following list: Lose Weight, Sleep Better, More Energy Every Day, Tight and Toned Body, Exercise More Effectively, and more. Selecting the option that’s right for you allows Asana Rebel to create a tailored program for your goals.

In addition, this fitness app goes above simply sharing workouts and includes specific tracks that stimulate your brainwave activity and help you to focus—a great feature for working from home. It’s primarily a Yoga app, but it also includes bodyweight workouts and access to over 100 total-body workouts.

Benefits of fitness apps

These ultimate fitness apps get you up and moving, and can encourage you to challenge your fitness levels, too. If working out is feeling like a chore for you or you’re not moving enough, check out the advantages of downloading a fitness app and using it regularly.

Inject some fun to exercise

If you’re passionate about keeping fit, it might feel like you’ve already explored every fitness avenue. Plus, it’s so easy to get stuck performing the same routines and not challenge yourself. Fortunately, fitness apps provide you with new workouts that you might not have explored before. This makes you more likely to return to working out the next day because you’re having a little fun while burning calories.

Track your progress

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using a fitness app is that many come with trackers, such as Fiit, which pairs with an Apple Watch. This allows you to track your heart rate, number of calories burned, oxygen levels, pace, and more. Plus, many of the ultimate fitness apps store this data, so you can track your progress with every workout and push harder next time.

Get the motivation you need

Even if you’ve always been passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle, you can still feel stagnant at times. Having a trainer in your ears with motivational tips and encouragement makes you feel like you’re not alone. And having someone there to pick you up when you feel like you can’t keep going can be critical to your fitness.

Improve your form and fitness

Lastly, many of these ultimate fitness apps use leading trainers who have expert advice to share. Sometimes, working out isn’t just about having someone shout in your ear telling you to push harder. Instead, having world-class experts on-hand allows you to improve your technique and form to get the most out of your workouts while increasing your fitness to actually see the results you want.

Which of these fitness apps will you be downloading to reach your fitness goals? All of these come with a free trial, so you don’t have to commit to a monthly payment subscription if you’re unsure. Let us know your favorite selections along with ways you keep fit and healthy in the comment section.

Amy Poole is an Editor and Writer at Gadget Flow. When she's not indulged in everything gadget-related, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Rosie, and keeping fit.
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