Plastc: The Sleeker, Slimmer Future of Transaction Tech

Plastc: The Sleeker, Slimmer Future of Transaction Tech

Less is more.

This is true of many things, particularly clutter, lengthy e-mails, bad hair days, and the number of things you carry with you everywhere. Despite our ever-evolving convenience culture, our move toward digitalizing and simplifying things like our address books, calendars, contacts, and reminders, one thing still remains bloated and unwieldy: our wallets.

Between debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, and key cards, for the most part, our wallets are stuffed. That’s where new all-in-one e-card Plastc comes in.

Lighten Your Load

Plastc is designed and intended to essentially be a consolidator for up to 20 of your credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards. With Plastc, gone are the days of toting around a J. Crew gift card every day for a year on the off chance that you might stop by after work. And no more apologizing to the counter staff at your favorite burrito place for having to look up your loyalty card number again because you’ve forgotten yours.

It works like this: Plastc pairs with you phone using a Bluetooth connection. Equipped with an e-ink display, chip and PIN, a rechargeable battery (that lasts up to 30 days), and wireless charging tech, Plastc is the most high-tech all-in-one card option (soon to be) available on the market.

Now, while it’s great to have all of your cards in one, you’re a little worried, aren’t you? I mean, if you drop it or lose it, whoever picks it up might be able to access all of your accounts and info really easily.

Don’t fret: Plastc has a number of integrated safeguards that protect you from fraud or identity theft if your card is ever misplaced or stolen.

First, it’s protected by a unique PIN that closes off all access to the card until it’s entered, much like the passcode on your phone, except non-optional (sorry, one more thing to remember, but it’s a small price to pay for security).

Second, Plastc sends you proximity alerts if your phone (and you, presumably) are too far away from your Plastc card. In the event that you’ve left your card behind at a shop, restaurant, or bar, the Plastc Wallet app on your phone will send you a push notification to notify you that you may have forgotten your card. In addition, a message will be displayed on the card, telling merchants that the card may be lost or stolen, and gives a number to call to help get your card back to you.

Finally, the e-ink display your Plastc card displays your picture and a signature for verification, just to take that extra step towards security.


Not only is it plenty secure, but Plastc is also super easy to use. If you’ve got a card that can be scanned, it can  likely be added to Plastc. Just swipe, sync, and go.

Plastc starts at a pre-order price of just $155. What do you think–will you be in the pre-order line for the next wave of transaction tech?

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