This posture support device will help you stand straighter

If you have back pain due to poor posture, you know how difficult it can be to go about your day normally. Moving is painful and so is sitting in a chair. The truth is, long-term hunching while sitting or standing can strain muscles in your back and core, reducing their blood supply and leading to stiffness and weakness.

This posture support device will help you stand straighter
Dorsum™ Exospine Posture Support Device in Use

Nearly 65 million Americans report episodes of back pain. And the cause of most of that pain? Bad posture. Poor posture can weaken the tissues in your lower back, pushing your network of muscles, discs, and joints in your back beyond their limit. If you experience back pain due to poor posture, you’ll want to check out the Dorsum™ Exospine posture support device.

The Dorsum™ Exospine is precisely what its name describes. It’s a flexible exospine back support that improves your posture and reminds you to keep your back in the correct position to avoid pain. You can wear it to ease current back pain or prevent potential discomfort if your work involves heavy lifting and repetitive movement.

flexible exospine back support

Flexible Exospine Back Support in Black

Who is the Dorsum™ Exospine for?

The Dorsum™ Exospine is for people whose work requires hinge movements of the spine. Hinge movements are any jobs or activities where you need to bend and lift. So this applies to firefighters, construction workers, childcare workers, nurses, and anyone else whose job requires regular physical movement. These bending and lifting movements can cause severe fatigue to the back. For this reason, this support promotes muscular activation so that you can maintain your posture and avoid overuse injuries. You can wear it at home, at work, while working out, even horseback riding.

This back device features 3 points of contact

This posture support device has three points of contact on the spine: the upper, middle, and lower regions of the back. This lets the Dorsum™ support all areas of your back. So whether you’re working or working out, the device will support your spine and help you feel comfortable. The three points of contact also gently guide your back into the correct position, minimizing your risk for injury while you complete your tasks.

This back device features 3 points of contact

This back device features 3 points of contact

Also, the product retrains your muscles and joints to support your body correctly. So, even when you take the Dorsum™ off, your body will remember what the correct position feels like and try to position itself that way. Thus, you’ll improve your posture with this device.

The exospine offers flexible support

The Dorsum™ makers used a thermoplastic polymer to create it. Thermoplastic polymer is a light and flexible material that can bend and move with you as you go about your day. This is important. If you’ve tried back braces and other supports, you know how crucial flexibility is. You need to move freely and comfortably. This posture support device can provide that.

Additionally, the Dorsum™ is comfortable. You can wear it over or under your clothes. No matter which way you wear it, 3D air mesh around the sides and power mesh in the center maximize airflow, so you’ll never feel sweaty with it on.

This back support adjusts to your size

Apart from the physical benefits this posture support device provides, another great feature is its adaptability. Whether you wear a small, medium, large, or extra-large, you can adjust this exospine to fit you. So you won’t deal with an uncomfortable one-size-fits-all back brace. You decide where you need a closer fit and alter it accordingly

Orthopedic support that’s easy to clean

A posture support device that you’ll likely wear every day needs regular cleaning. However, many orthopedic supports consist of materials that aren’t easy to wash and must be air dried. The Dorsum™ Exospine, on the other hand, is quite easy to clean. The flexible spine support removes from its pocket so you can easily wash the cloth shell. The cloth shell itself is machine washable and you can stick it in the dryer. Now that’s convenient lumbar support.

posture support device on a Woman

Posture Support Device on a Woman

What we love about the Dorsum™ Exospine

We love that this posture support device does exactly that: support your posture. In our modern world, where we constantly hunch in unnatural positions, it’s nice that there is a device that can help. And the Dorsum™ not only eases pain, but it also teaches you how to stand straighter. So you can have proper posture even when you’re not wearing the support.

What we would love to see

It’s hard to improve on a device that already offers so many benefits. But, if we were to make one suggestion, future models could include a zip pocket on the straps. This would make it easy to fit, for example, your keys in the support while you work.

Posture Support Device Design

Posture Support Device Design

Where can you buy the Dorsum™ Exospine?

The Dorsum™ Exospine is available for preorder on Indiegogo. It costs $150.

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