9 Smart gadgets for parents that offer an extra hand

Being a parent is a full-time job. And you're typically doing it on top of the full-time job you already have. Anything you can add to your routine that will give you the extra hand you always need is something every parent could use. We've scoured around to find you the most useful smart gadgets that will make you breathe easier and, hopefully, help you take some of your day back.

9 Smart gadgets for parents that offer an extra hand
mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Smart Cradle Design

If you’re a parent, there’s always a list of things to get done and another list of things you’re worried about. You want your child to be happy, healthy, and safe. And you definitely want it to be easy to do all of that. Luckily, we have technology that can help you do all of this, and there are plenty of smart gadgets for parents that will ensure you can keep track of everything you need to.

From gadgets that keep your kids off the internet and websites you don’t want them perusing to devices that make it easier for them to sleep, there’s something for everyone. There are even baby monitors and breathing monitors that will help make you sleep better too. You’ll definitely find something here that you’re going to put on your wish list.

BOBBY Automated Baby Bouncer turns your car seat into a bouncer

Parents everywhere know the struggle of trying to calm your baby down when you’re out and about or trying to do something else. The BOBBY Automated Baby Bouncer is the solution. BOBBY turns any car seat into a baby bouncer and is portable, automated, and smart. This automated baby bouncer fits under any car seat, is splash-proof, and is safe for your baby. The rechargeable battery lasts for seven or more hours, and you can even charge it on your phone.

KamiBaby Breathing Magnifier Baby Monitor lets you watch your baby’s breath

New parents will be able to rest a little easier with the KamiBaby Breathing Magnifier Baby Monitor. This baby monitor uses the last AI and Edge computing technologies to amplify your baby’s breathing. You’ll be able to check on your baby’s breathing on the Kami app anytime, anywhere. KamiBaby is your all-in-one intelligent companion for your baby or toddler. This baby monitor also monitors the temperature and humidity of the room, since those elements are important for a comfortable sleeping environment. 

iKydz Home Parental Home Internet Controller allows you to manage your child’s internet settings

Easily take control of the internet in your home with the iKydz Home Parental Home Internet Controller. By plugging right into your router, this smart device enables you to choose when your kid can use the internet. Likewise, the iKydz app also allows you to control what they can see. Offering complete parental internet control, it lets you manage phones, PCs, smart TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, and other internet-connected devices in your home. In addition, you can customize all features to suit each child, regardless of their age.

Octopus Watch V2 Motion Edition Habit-Tracking Kids Watch encourages your child to stay active

Encourage your children to be healthy from a young age with the Octopus Watch V2 Motion Edition Habit-Tracking Kids Watch. This cute kids smartwatch teaches how to build healthy habits. Not only that, but the Octopus kids watch also tells time, so your child can begin to learn how to do so. Suitable for children who are at least three years old, the V2 Octopus watch offers more than 2,000 icons to choose from. Your child will love personalizing their watch by matching icons with times of the day. For example, they might choose a school bus to appear at the time they have to go to school.

eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor In-Home HD Monitor has a five-inch screen

With the eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor In-Home HD Monitor, you’ll feel more secure leaving your baby alone in their room. This indoor baby monitor has a five-inch screen that displays in 720p, so you won’t miss a detail. While some monitors may offer blurry pictures that leave you wondering what you’re looking at, this detailed baby monitor will give you peace of mind. And with this baby monitor, you can pan the lens 330°, so you’ll really see everything. This monitor even has immediate alerts that can reach you up to 460 feet away. Even if you’re outside enjoying an evening with friends, you’ll be notified if your baby begins crying.

ROYBI Smart Language-Teaching Kids Toy uses AI to teach your child

Help your child reach their full potential with the ROYBI Smart Language-Teaching Kids Toy. This educational toy uses the power of AI and techniques of STEM to provide a personalized learning system. ROYBI works as a conversational companion. This means the toy can actually interact vocally with your child, improving their language learning abilities. Kids can perfect their pronunciation and learn to effectively communicate ideas. Along with helping those with speech disorders and building language skills, ROYBI will gain new languages over time.

Willow Generation 3 Smart Breast Pump is less bulky than other pumps

If you’re a breastfeeding mom who pumps, you know it can be a challenge to keep up a good milk supply. The Willow Generation 3 Smart Breast Pump promises to help you pump 20 percent more milk per session. It also includes sensitivity and suction settings. What’s more, this breast pump—like its predecessors—comes in the form of two wearable battery-operated cups. Best of all, the Willow Generation 3 is quiet and so leak-proof, you could use it while doing yoga.

mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Smart Cradle soothes your baby to sleep

Ever wish there was something that could rock your baby to sleep so you can get a little shut-eye too? Now there is with the 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Smart Cradle. What makes this baby gadget special is that it moves up and down and from side to side. There are five patterns: car ride, kangaroo, wave, rock-a-bye, and swing. The bassinet connects to the 4moms app so that you can adjust the movements and customize sleep settings from another room. What’s more, this smart cradle also comes with four white noise options: rain, ocean, fan, and shush.

Can you see one of these smart gadgets for parents helping you? We’ve got our eyes on some of the sleeping aids because more sleep for our babies and us is always a better idea. What about you?

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