Ready for a space hotel? The Voyager Station will launch soon

What a time to be alive. The first-ever space hotel is set to open to the public for an unforgettable experience. Check out more features of Voyager Station and what you can expect in today's blog.

Ready for a space hotel? The Voyager Station will launch soon
Voyager Station space hotel mock-up design

Ever wanted to visit a hotel that’s out of this world? Well, now you quite literally can with the new space hotel, Voyager Station, which accommodates 440 guests at a time. This wheel-like orbital structure brings the comforts of life on Earth to space and provides breathtaking views of Earth and space while getting the vibe that you’re on vacation.

Imagine the silence, views, and memories you can experience. But don’t get too excited just yet, because construction commences in 2026 with an aim to take visitors on a trip to space the following year.

Voyager Station internal views and facilities available

Rent a villa for up to 16 guests or choose an individual room

For an out-of-this-world vacation, you can indulge in a luxury villa for up to 16 guests with 5,300 square feet of cooking facilities, three bathrooms, and separate bedrooms. Or opt for an individual room for some peace and quiet. All the while, you can see beautiful views of Earth from your hotel room. There’s no talk about room rates at the moment, but a three-day trip will set you back $5 million, according to Travel + Leisure. Although, the company hopes to reduce rates over time.

Ready for a space hotel? The Voyager Station will be launching soon
Voyager Station views from a bedroom

It won’t just be a place to stay, as there’s no shortage of entertainment on Voyager Station, either. There’s access to a three-tier bar, gravity-defying water feature, gym spa, shooting center, and entertainment rooms with low-gravity games. You might also experience live performances from musicians. You’ll be able to jump up to six times higher playing games such as basketball.

Train like a pro before you visit Voyager Station

This 200-meter-wide rotating space habitat won’t allow anyone to make a reservation; you’ll need to undergo space training beforehand. And with 112 crew members on board, you’ll be in the safe hands of experts.

And to ensure that tourists don’t float into space, this hotel will use artificial gravity. Plus, this artificial gravity will allow you to use showers, beds, and eat food in a similar manner to life on Earth. In addition, Voyage Station will spin similar to a Ferris wheel (and look like one) to simulate moon-like levels of gravity.

Ready for a space hotel? The Voyager Station will be launching soon
Voyager Station in space

Visit Orbital Assembly’s official website to make your reservation for Voyager Station and updates or forever miss out. Do you dare to take a trip to space? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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