RICOH THETA Spherical Camera Empowers You With Fabulous Photographic Vision

RICOH THETA Spherical Camera Empowers You With Fabulous Photographic Vision

Photography is one of those much explored areas in the world of gadgetry which has undergone a terrific transformation in recent times. The idea of bringing that natural spark while capturing all your precious moments is what led towards this advancement. You have cameras that enable light-field photography for making your images look alive or ones which are comfortable for everyday use without jeopardizing the image quality. From mountaineers to scuba divers, now there are cameras for every genre of people in this world. This kind of development will make you believe as if the world expects much more from how we try to capture our life behind the lens. Fifty years down the lane when your brain literally phases out some of those special events you spent in your younger days, wouldn’t it be good to live all those moments yet again? These new kind of cameras and accessories for photographers only try to make those moments look even better than you expect. As Alfred Stieglitz had said, “In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” But what if I say that there’s still a lot to explore in how you capture your moments!

Imagine any scenery or event you’re trying to capture with your camera. Does the photograph ever let you see anything beyond what you’ve captured? I might sound crazy to most of you but it’s a pretty natural question which has the same answer for all – A big “No”. But not for the users of RICOH THETA I guess. This is because it is a camera which takes you one step ahead towards exploring photography in a whole new way. It’s unlike any camera you’ve seen before. RICOH THETA is a spherical camera which captures a 360-degree view and helps you notice what you haven’t while taking your photo.

Sunflower island in Setagaya-ku,Tokyo – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Spherical Photographs Are Here

Coming from the Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company, RICOH THETA is a brilliant product in the world of photography which will actually make you feel a strong sense of presence for every image you capture. Just one single touch is enough to capture your moments which you can explore later from every angle using your smartphone or computer. The fish-eye lenses present on each side of the camera’s body will capture a lot more than the traditional 180-degree vision which is then stitched together inside the camera. You might wonder at times how a camera of this small size can capture such smooth 360-degree spherical photographs of high-quality. Nevertheless, it does take you towards experiencing a new world of images and that’s what makes it one of its kind.

Formation flight of T-6 in San Diego – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

RICOH THETA has a small, lightweight body weighing no more than 95 g. So you can carry it wherever you go and capture images with a simple press of the shutter button. You won’t have to worry whether you’re holding the camera in the right position or not as the camera automatically adjusts the image orientation. Apart from images, you can also capture 360-videos for a span of 3 minutes at a time. It is powered using a lithium-ion battery and has a capacity of taking approximately 200 photos on a single charge depending on RICOH’s measurement method (wireless on, one photo taken every 30 seconds and transferred to smartphone).

Hang gliding in Kameishitoge, Izu Skyline – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Handheld Camera in Four Amazing Colors

But you can take the level of your experience with this camera to even better heights with the help of the corresponding app. It’s available on smartphones (Android and iOS) as well as computers (Windows and Mac).

RICOH THETA 360-degree camera mobile app

Using the app, you can use features such as remote shooting and manual shooting. That way, a smartphone can come handy to take your photographs from a remote location without holding your camera in hand. Though I would say, I am more of a “SELFIE” person and would like to hold the camera personally!

RICOH THETA 360-degree camera

To add to this, there’s also a personal strap you can attach to your camera in order to carry it easily on the go. There are 5 colors available including green, orange, blue, silver, and gray. RICOH has even launched an API and SDK(Beta version) for developers to come up with interesting apps in the near future. If you think you can’t wait to enjoy this world of spherical photography, get one RICOH THETA for yourself now. It’s sold worldwide at a price of $299.95. Available in four beautiful colors of pink, blue, yellow and white, I can’t wait to make myself dive into spherical photography anytime soon. Happy Gadgeting!

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